Choosing a Summer Camp: What to Look for to Ensure the Safety of Your Child at Camp

The report cards have been given, and all the children are so excited because the much-anticipated summer holiday has just begun! In popular imagination now that school is out, the long summer holidays conjure up a picture of carefree youthful exploration. However, for a number of parents, the anticipation of the fun summer holiday with their children is lost in the pressured rush of figuring out the children’s new schedule and budget now that they are home.

Many parents agree that the holiday should not compromise of long unplanned days, where their children just spend their time at home inactive and most probably over eating. According to extensive research childhood and teen obesity is 10 times higher than it was in the 70’s. In most households the TV and the fridge are in close proximity. Television adverts bombard the children with tempting fast foods. The combination of inactivity, boredom and sweet treeats is not a good recipe for healthy kids.

Many parents rely on the term-time services that schools give their offspring, such as supervision and meals. During the summer holidays, parents and guardians are faced with challenges of how to replicate the onscreen excitement of a video game into reality. Well, how about a summer camp adventure for your child?

Combating summertime boredom with a safe summer camp.

It’s important to think for a moment about the large number of opportunities summer can bring. How children can continue to keep their minds and bodies active during the long holidays allowing them to prevent boredom, crankiness, depression and staying out of trouble.

One of the most common questions amongst parents is, “What are children really learning while they are away at camp?” “Is my child safe while away from home for such a long time?”

All these questions are extremely valid, and the maturity and participance of the camp staff members with the children is of extremely vital. As we all know, not all summer camp experiences are rosy. Infact, there may be a number of experiences that parents and participants as well would rather forget all about. In as much as camp has so many fun and exciting things to offer during the long hot months, parents must always remember that safety is a priority when you take your kids to summer camp.

Parents and guardians often research on summer camps that offer amazing opportunities for children to discover new places, make new friends from different backgrounds as they spend their days enriching their minds.

That is why parents always invest time into researching on how to find a safe summer camps for my child. With a cool 90 days of summer, we are aware that it is crucial to give our children the opportunity to take a deep dive into exploring different interests. It is also important to ensure that our children are not missing out on any mind enriching activities and outdoor adventures during the long summer holiday.

However, before packing up your child’s bag and sending them off to camp, parents should get to know what medical and safety services are available at camp. The Les Elfes summer vacation camp complies with the top key factors that are important and practical to keep your child safe this summer. Below is a list of some of the roles that are implemented to allow your child to have a great no-regrets summer.

The camp has undergone Accreditation

Before committing to educate your child in a certain school, every parent ensures that the school has been accredited. In the same way, it is important to take your child to a summer camp that is accredited as well. Accreditation ensures that the camp owners and directors as well are educated on the most delicate and important aspects on operating a healthy and safe camp.

A lot of parents assume that all summer camps have undergone accreditation and that is why they are operating, but this is not the truth. In today’s world, anyone can setup a camp and simply start advertising. However, only the most professionally run camps qualify. A camp may still be of very high quality but if it is not accredited then it is highly advisable that you do not send your child to that camp.

The accreditation of the Les Elfes camp ensures that different health, safety and quality standards have been met in every aspect of the camp’s operation from the food service to healthcare to staffing. Accreditation also allows experts from different organizations to continue working with the camp owners ensuring that they keep up with the standards. Additionally, the accreditation has always assured the parents that their children are in good hands.

Camp employees are screened rigorously

When your child is away for weeks at a time, you want to be confident that your child is safe around all the employees within the camp. Anything and everything can be questioned when it comes to your child’s care.

 The summer camp representatives are always open and transparent about the employee screening process. Every member of the camp staff including the volunteers go through the screening program that also includes an extensive background check. All the monitors, staff members and volunteers are accurately selected in line with the Les Elfes criteria for skills and experience in working with children.

The staff members are typically aged between 18 to 28, and the camp ensures that the hiring process is based on their qualifications, training and experience in providing children with a safe, fun, educational camp experience. Your child will be spending time with camp leaders and staff members who are trained and have worked with a number of children on a series of summer vacation trips.

In addition, the camp sources for sports experts for sporting activities. The team is purely focused on the safety of all the children during sports. Ensuring that precautionary measures are followed is their responsibility and this facilitates the smooth running of all the activities and programs.

The camp nurses and other medical personnel are always on-site helping children and staff members as well with medical support. There are also trained first aid staff and lifeguards close by when children are swimming. Thanks to the background check and the extensive training process that camp employees and volunteers go through, only staff members with valid first aid and CPR qualifications work within the camp.

Additionally, the camp is open to learning about every child’s allergy and medication. There are a number of places set aside where children who don’t feel well can go and rest. Guardians feel more comfortable trusting that their kids are engaging in the right activities and the staff can interact well with the child while ensuring the successful performance of all the activities.

The social environment at the camp is fun and safe

A fun and amazing camp experience involves making friends and offering the kids opportunities to practice skills needed to build and sustain relationships. The social environment within camp includes children from the age of 7 and both boys and girls. The social environment also encourages children to interact with other children from different backgrounds and worldviews.

Social dynamics such as bullying is prevalent at camp and has a high impact on the emotional functioning of children. The camp takes vital steps to tackle and deal with such issues head on. Camp counsellors and monitors supervise the children at all times allowing them to recognize and respond to any kinds of bullying behavior. They will stop cycles of abuse before they even begin, ensuring a safe and positive camp experience for everyone.

The camp has also included a health insurance and accident coverage.

Being prepared for a variety of scenarios is critical in today’s world. In the event of any illness or an accident, it is important to have resources available. It’s also very necessary to develop emergency procedures that will be followed by staff members and volunteers in case of incidents such as sudden bad weather, a fire or structural failure.

Parents and guardians also prefer to consider the camp’s response to more serious emergencies including major incidents that will require help from an emergency service and implementation of regional emergency plans.

Typically, all campers and persons registered with The Les Elfes camp are fully covered by a swiss health insurance. That includes camp leaders, monitors, counselors, facilities maintenance crew, and similar camp employees. If a child falls ill while at camp or an accident occurs, there are medical facilities providing professional assistance only a few minutes away.

There are 3 modern medical clinics within Verbier region, Switzerland and both medical facilities have access to a regional hospital and two University hospitals that are 40 minutes and 75 minutes away respectively, or only 10 minutes away by using a helicopter. The medical insurance policy is essential for your child covering injuries or sicknesses that could happen at camp.

Aryaman Agarwal

Aryaman is one of our returning campers this year and its his third time at Les Elfes. Its always a pleasure to have him at camp. He has kept us all enticed with his magic tricks. Aryaman is Asia’s youngest magician and he has won the National Child Award also. He was given his prize by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This year he was an intern at Les Elfes and we got proof that he is indeed a hard worker. He left us all flabbergasted with his awesome magic tricks. He also keeps us entertained with his antics and leaves us in fits of laughter.

aryaman is on the extreme left

29th May 2019


Its nearing the end of Les Elfes spring camp 2019 and its already making us sad. Today was crazy fun and personally one of my favourite days. We went bridge swinging today and it was a lifetime experience. The thought of jumping of a cliff and swinging from a harness attached to the bridge seems daunting at first but actually is a lot fun. It was also very cold today as it had rained the previous day.

we also went to the sports centre and played tennis and badminton. One of the coolest things we did today was the egg drop challenge. We were basically given some materials and had to protect the egg in some way when it was dropped from the second floor. It was a lot of fun to see the cool inventions people came out and 2 teams actually managed to survive.

After dinner today we had games and they were definitely the highlight of the day. The older and younger kids had separate sets of games. They were more music, movie and dance related. We had dance-offs, guess the movie and song too. It was a really awesome day in all…

28th May 2019


Today is a day each and every camper looks forward to. Today we visited the cailler chocolate factory and then the cheese factory. We also got to shop for a while after our visit to the chocolate and cheese factory too. The chocolate factory was definitely the highlight. We were shown the whole process of how the chocolate was made. Then we even got to taste the different variety of chocolates that cailler makes. We could even shop for chocolates after that. Then after the cheese factory we got some time to shop in Vevey.

The returning campers got to visit Milan which was a treat. It was a 3 hour long journey and we visited San Siro which is the biggest stadium in Milan and has hosted some of the most legendary football matches. Later we were left free to shop and went on a shopping spree. It was a really fun day in all.

After dinner we had our club activities. For that we had to do a presentation on inspirational leaders and whom that particular team admired the most.

27th May 2019


Today was a fun day. The groups had been separated today and did different activities. The campers below 13 spent the morning playing tennis and then came back and played a few games. After lunch they went for bridge swinging. Bridge swinging is one of the most interesting activities at Les Elfes. We are suspended from a bridge and can swing.

The older campers went for a ropes course situated 2 hours away from Verbier. It was challenging but a lot of fun. We had a picnic lunch and then we did rock climbing .We had a bit of free time so we had a football match. After coming back we had some free time and could go shopping too. After dinner we had our club activities like baking in which we made chocolate cheesecake. We also had magic , bushcraft and the apprentice as club options today.

How to pack? Get ready for Summer Camp

Please be aware, that our camps are situated in the mountains. The climate on a mountain varies depending on what altitude you are on a mountain. Weather conditions can change dramatically from one hour to the next. For example, in just a few moments the temperatures can drop from very hot temperatures to temperatures that are quite chilly. Therefore, our campers should bring clothes for those conditions and be prepared for bright, sunny days on the one side and for sudden showers or temperature drops on the other side.

Download our packing list in PDF

logo_pdf Summer Camp Packing List

Recommended items?

Luggage + belongings
Each student’s articles should be clearly labelled with his/her full name. A supply of extra labels is also recommended for any new purchases (sport equipments or other).

Compulsory Items:

  • 1 Waterproof Jacket
  • 1 Hiking Boots
  • 1 Trainers/ sports shoes (not flip flops or crocs please)
  • 7 T-Shirts
  • 2 Sports Trousers/ hiking trousers (no denim)
  • 1 Shorts
7 Underwear
7 Socks
1 Jumper/ Long Sleeved Top
  • 1 Fleece/ Warm Layer
  • Pyjamas
  • Swimsuit + Towel
  • Gloves
  • Toiletries (Soap/ Showergel, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrush)
  • Hairbrush
Waterbottle (re-usable)
  • Torch
  • Small daysack/ backpack

Optional Items:

  • Indoor Footwear (crocs, flip flops, slippers)
  • Pocket Money
  • Book
Cuddly Toy
  • Jeans/ casual clothes for evenings & discos


Packing Tips

Your child will be very excited to head off to camp. It’s in your best interest to help him/her pack. While he/she may be able to do this on his/her own, you will save yourself the convenience with forgotten items if you oversee the packing. But, be sure to enlist your child’s help – this a wonderful teachable moment.

  • Packing list
    Create a camp packing list using the recommended list from the camp and other necessary items that your child may need, i.e. his/her medication.
  • Try items
    Highlight all of the items on the list that you will need to purchase for your child. You will need your kid/teen to try on items that may have become too small over the past year so that you can highlight them if needed.
  • Shopping
    Before camp begin shopping for items your child needs to take to camp. Finish this task in one week.
  • Extra set of hygiene items
    Purchase an extra set of hygiene items so that the items can be packed and you will not have to remember the day that camp begins. For example, purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste to pack and leave their home set at home.
  • Label
    Label all of your child’s items with his/her name.
  • Plastic bags
    Pack one outfit per day in a large gallon or 2-gallon size plastic zip bag. This will keep your kid’s clothes dry and your child organized.
  • Shower kit
    Place your teen’s toiletries in a type of plastic bag kit or plastic basket that would make it easy to travel to the showers. The kit should be big enough to hold your teen’s shower shoes/flip flops.
  • Recheck
    The day before camp starts recheck the list, pack up all of the gear and close the bag.

Travel Hands FreeFirst-Luggage-Logo

Travel hands free with our exclusive offer from First Luggage. No more queuing at the airport to check in or pick up your bags.  First Luggage will come to your home, and pick up your bags and deliver them directly to Les Elfes in Verbier.

A 20kgs bag, for example to Verbier from the UK is £87, from the USA is £161, from Saudi is £222, from the UAE is £342, from Hong Kong is £217 and from China is £168.

Please ask them to quote on any other weight, country and destination worldwide. Please contact them directly on +44 1895 254 240 or quoting Verbier.

26th May 2019


It was awesome day today.The morning started with the olympic games. The olympic games are a series of games that the campers take part in in teams. The campers are divided into groups and have to come up with innovative team names and logos. They were all twists on common games like volleyball, rock-paper-stone and kabaddi. It was a really fun morning.

We had a barbeque for lunch which was yumm. Later in the afternoon we went for a long scenic hike through Verbier. In the evening we had our chosen club activities. Dinner was followed by the shoot for the Les Elfes music video. It was a lot of fun creating the video and everyone had a gala time filming it. It was a really fun day but tiring too.

25th May 2019


Yesterday was one of the most interesting days . We got to visit the United Nations headquarters in Geneva . It was a really educational experience for everyone as they have been learning about the UN and its functions . There was also a option of going for a watch making workshop . It was challenging but also fun . It was really interesting as watches are a speciality in Switzerland .

Returning campers got the opportunity to visit Bern the capital of Switzerland . There they visited Albert Einstein house which has been turned into a museum . Later they got to shop and explore the city of Bern . On returning back to Verbier we had dinner and then our evening clubs . One of the clubs was magic , held by Aryaman Agarwal our very own in-house magician . In one of the other club they baked cookies . There was also a new addition to the clubs called the apprentice . In it we were supposed to create a new product and sell it to the investors. It was a really fun day in all.

24th May 2019


It was the last day of skiing and we had the races yesterday . It was a half day for us and everyone was sad . The highlights of the day were the ski races .

Coming to Verbier was a long and tiring journey . We even got some time to shop in Zermatt . Dinner was followed by the talent show which we had practiced for the previous day . The talent show left everyone in fits of laughter . Aryaman Agarwal , Asia’s youngest magician left everyone flabbergasted with his amazing magic tricks . There were many other interesting perfomances by other campers .The talent show is yet to be continued . It was a lovely day as usual .

23rd May 2019

It was the last full day of skiing . Today most of the groups went to the glacier paradise and skied into Italy. It was a unique experience, challenging but a lot of fun. By now everyone is upset to have to leave zermatt tomorrow.

We had our usual club activities at 5. Mountain biking was a lot of fun and it was very challenging also. For leadership we were divided into groups and went for different activities. In the evening we have talent show practice which we have all been eagerly anticipating!

22nd May 2019


Yesterday was the fourth day of skiing. Most skiers have been rapidly improving and have overcome different obstacles. It was also a half day yesterday so we got time to come back and relax for a few hours.

At 5 we all went for our respective club activities. For leadership we were taken for the tent building activity or for escape rooms. people in creative expressions also joined in for escape rooms. After dinner we had the torchlight walk. It was a one of a kind experience and everybody climbed up a mountain and then came down with fire torches in pairs. This is an activity everybody looks forward to!

21st May 2018


It was the third day of skiing. It was a lot of fun. The beginners have been picking up really well and the advance skiers had the opportunity to go to the glacier paradise and ski into Italy.

After the skiing we were free for a while and went out shopping or to play football. In the afternoon we were busy with our respective club activities . For leadership we had a tent making activity with blindfolds. Mountain biking as usual was a lot of fun.

For dinner we had three options. We could go out for cheese fondue, get pizza delivery and watch a movie or have thai food and watch a movie. it was a lot of fun and a change for all of us.

Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Children to Summer Camp in Switzerland

Studies conducted by the American Camp Association suggest that more than 11 million adults and children attend summer camps in the US alone. Today, camping is becoming popular with many parents sending their children on international summer camps in Switzerland. Still, some parents are yet to understand the fuss behind them. Here are top 10 reasons to send your children to summer camp in Switzerland.

1. Make friends from Various Parts of the world

Well organized summer camps expose your children to diverse people from various parts of the world. Remember, many other children will be attending these events and chances are that the children will interact with one another while engaging in a wide range of activities. This creates a perfect opportunity for bonding with no parental supervision or even distractions.

This kind of friendship can’t be compared with the friendships they have with their colleagues in school. While campers will only know each other for a short time, that could mark the culmination of lifelong friendships which last forever. Developing and nurturing these friendships amid summer camps helps children develop new social skills.

Your children return home more confident, an earned skill which of course will be beneficial to them all their lives. International summer camps in Switzerland exposes your children to people they don’t often meet and helps them learn diversity and inclusion on a more organic and natural manner.

2. Explore Switzerland and Neighboring Regions

Unlike previous generations who loved the outdoors, children in Switzerland spend more time outdoors. The ultimate Switzerland summer camps help them reconnect with nature. You cannot ignore the importance of a summer camp which helps your child to experience and discover the world within the safe confines of a managed group setting.

Your children will go trekking across the forests or even hike at the Alps and finally swim in the breathtaking ponds and lakes of Switzerland. Your children will have fun watching the snow-capped mountains and get wowed by the exceptional fauna and flora in Switzerland. If you have taken your children on an adventurous trip then you understand how amazed they get by seemingly simple things such as hares, squirrels, and even frogs.

Now imagine how captivating an experience they’ll have by seeing chamois, foxes, the red deer, and marmots? It’s bound to be an experience like no other. There wouldn’t be anything more exciting than hearing your child excitedly narrate the kind of adventures they experienced during the International camps.

3. Maintain Physical Fitness

When children are in the midst of nature, they will have more opportunities to remain physically active. Switzerland has some of the most breathtaking natural settings and landscapes that will keep your children occupied. There are various fun and exciting activities that your children can participate in while in Switzerland such as skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and even canyoning.

Your children will have more fun going mountain climbing or even hiking with their newly acquired friends. There will be a lot to learn such as collecting firewood, learning how to light a fire, and building tents. These activities will rejuvenate your children’s energy and they will come back home renewed completely with lifetime memories.

4. Experience new challenges and Become more independent

As they go on summer camps, you won’t be there to supervise them or do things on their behalf. While they will be under the guidance of their supervisors, they’ll have to be more self-reliant and adopt a new approach towards life. They will have to learn how to clean their clothes, make their beds, get up by themselves, and maintain cleanliness.

Of course, they will have to abide by the laid down schedule, but this doesn’t take away the fact that they will need to take care of themselves. This will help children who are overly attached to their parents to develop a sense of growth and independence, which will help them in the future. Switzerland offers a wide range of events for children of all ages and exposure to new challenges will help the children adopt a new perspective towards life.

5. Consolidate what they learned in School

During the long summer holidays, children are likely to forget a big percentage of what they learn in school. However, studies suggest that summer learning activities can be beneficial to students and they are more likely to remember what they learned during the exciting summer camps.

Many of the summer camps in Switzerland are connected to summer school programs where educators are a part of. For instance, children may undergo a series of classroom related activities in the mornings when their minds are fresh. This provides them with an opportunity to participate in class activities delivered in fun and exciting methods.

Children will be exposed to various learning activities such as architecture, cooking, design, learning new languages, musical theatre, photography, and even understanding robotics. Combining learning and fun enhances motivation, memory, and cooperation with other students. What’s more, your children will be able to correlate between real-world applications and the knowledge they acquire in classrooms.

6. Disconnecting from technology

We are living in an advanced world where even children are techno-savvy. Many children today rely on technology both for school activities and entertainment. In fact, many of the children attending camp will either have an iPad, a tablet, a laptop, or even a smartphone. It’s no doubt that many children today spend most of the time on end playing video games or watching television during their free time.

Of course, technology is essential but spending some time without it won’t hurt. Convincing your children to stay away from the TV or video games at home can be an arduous task. When they go for summer camps, they will have minimal to no access to electronic gadgets and this will keep them entirely occupied in other activities hence switching off from the digital world to experience the goodness of the real world.

By experiencing a world away from their gadgets, your children get accustomed to the fact that there is more to life away from the TV and video games. This will encourage them to pursue more tangible hobbies rather than spending their entire time watching movies or playing games.

7. Enhancing confidence and self-esteem

Camps introduce your children to new activities and tasks that they are unfamiliar with. Camp goers are encouraged to execute tasks out of their comfort zone with each individual expected to participate in enthralling and adventurous activities such as talent performances. When children are within a supportive environment of their supervisors and peers, they understand that failure is not a crime.

Every success they achieve develops their self-esteem and confidence. They, also, develop a new form of resilience, independence, and self-esteem which is exemplified both during camp, in their interactions with their siblings at home, and in school. Eventually, your children become happier and more interested to accept new challenges and activities they would previously be afraid to undertake.

8. Developing Leadership Skills

Camps offer various opportunities for children to learn leadership skills. During summer camps, children are classified in social groups with each child tasked with completing specific tasks. They have to create time to complete their tasks in time for inspection regardless of how they do it. It’s for this reason that the campers depend on each other’s cooperation to complete activities.

This way, they are able to realize a variety of qualities and skills that make them excellent leaders. During summer camps in Switzerland, your children will have loads of opportunities to take initiative. For instance, they could be tasked with taking care of young campers and helping them complete difficult tasks such as; understanding a new language, making their beds, or even cleaning their room.

9. Enhancing their World Perspective

Summer camps in Switzerland give children the opportunity to meet and interact with other children from different social circles. They meet children who speak different languages and others from a different race and culture.

This changes the way they view the world and life in general. Such interactions make your children more open-minded and make them more interested in wanting to learn about other cultures and understand the world better.

10. Camp Promote Creativity

Today, the world is changing. Children are executing more activities that were a preserve of human beings in the past. More children are becoming more creative by the day and engaging in creativity related activities such as developing mobile games.

During Switzerland summer camps, your children will have loads of opportunities to exercise their creativity without fear of failing or even getting below average marks. When your children are camping during summer, their capabilities aren’t restricted. They can engage in as many creative activities as possible compared to what they can do at school.


As a parent, releasing your child to go for a summer camp in Switzerland can be an arduous task. However, it’s good to let them go  for a week or two to allow them to engage in other activities away from the comfort of their electronic gadgets. Going on camps gives children a wide variety of opportunities to discover new activities, become more creative, and get out of their comfort zone to exercise their skills without fearing failure. Further, letting your children go for Switzerland summer camps enables them to appreciate their parents, their siblings, their home, and the things they often take for granted.

Monday 20th May 2019

Skiing, Personal Development Program and Clubs

Today was another fantastic day skiing on the mountain in Zermatt. All of the groups had a brilliant day with their instructors before heading down for snack, and an option of relaxing on camp or playing football on the astroturf before their personal development program. We were also joined by 20 more students who arrived after a fun trip to Sion to see the castle.

For personal development, students were grouped off in to Leadership class and mountain biking.

After a tasty dinner of pizza, students grouped off again for their clubs, bushcraft for the older students, and escape rooms, photography and expressive arts for younger students.

Sunday 19th May 2019

Skiing, Personal Development Programs and Zermatt Hunt

Today was a rather wet day in Zermatt, but that meant snow on the mountain, yipee. Students progressed very well today, some are even ready to face the button lift tomorrow, which is great.

This afternoon after a busy day of skiing, the students enjoyed a number of exciting Personal Development Programs; Leadership, Mountain Biking, Creative Expressions and Orienteering.

After a tasty dinner in the hotel, all the students enjoyed the Zermatt Hunt – a treasure hunt game in the centre of town.

Saturday 18th May 2019

Transfer to Zermatt, Sion castle and rope course!

We arrived in Zermatt today! Its really pretty as well as cold here. On the way we visited the beautiful Sion castle, which is an hour away. The hike was long but a fun experience. Campers returning to Les Elfes had the opportunity of trying something different, and visited the Zermatt fun park and did a rope course.

In the later half we started our club activities. The options include bushcraft, sports coaching, theatre as well as photography. It was a really fun day!

Where the Rich and Famous Families go During the Summer

Summer implies the beginning of the holiday season for the A-listers of this world. Wealthy holidaymakers look for authentic, sophisticated, and exclusive places where they can get worthwhile experiences. While the A-listers spend most of their time working, they also know how to take significant holidays and relax in style when the time comes. Find out where the rich and famous families go during the summer.

For long, Switzerland has and still remains one of the most glamorous places for affluent families. What with the dazzling scenery, elegant cities filled with amazing art, excellent culture, and music?

This, together with a society that treasures discretion and privacy, and some astonishing seven-star hotels and you are bound to see why the wealth and famous love holidaying in Switzerland. In fact, many celebrities own property here while others prolong their holidaying season up to a year.

According to Chris Southwell, Switzerland has the best services which attract wealthy people. Property owners have done their best to enhance their services too. What’s more hotel staffs are well trained, disciplined, discreet, and respect the privacy of their visitors. They do everything within their means to ensure that visitors get maximum services and enjoy their experience. With all this impeccable service, clients are bound to come back.

One thing that stands out in Switzerland is the kind of privacy that the famous and rich families yearn for and are attracted to when they go on holiday. Unlike society in many countries, hardly do you see the Swiss people taking selfies and every now and then. Having said that, let’s find exactly where the wealthy holiday during summer.

Interesting Places where the Rich and Famous Families go During the Summer


Gstaad is a high-end resort town that lies along the Bernese Oberland area of the Swiss Alps. It’s surrounded by soaring panoramic mountains and distinguished international boarding schools. The town has since attracted the famous and rich families, some of who take prolonged holidays in the town as their children school in the prestigious schools.

The town prides itself in having some of the best winter sports schools, long trails where fitness enthusiasts can go on skiing escapades, luxury boutiques that stretch across the town center, and plenty of summer activities such as hiking, golf, mountaineering, and tennis. Celebrities have flocked Gstaad ever since the 1970s when Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor would frequent the town for holidays.

They even owned a chalet, a clear demonstration of their love for Gstaad. Today, the lobby of the Gstaad Palace hotel, a five-star establishment is adorned with some of the pair’s biggest photos. Popular celebrities still visit the town to date such as Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Johnny Hallyday, Bernie Ecclestone, Madonna, and Valentino, a famous fashion designer among other rich and famous celebrities.


Verbier is a mountainous village situated in Valais Canton Switzerland. It’s the entrance to the 4 Vallees ski region and offers magnificent views of the  Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. Verbier is among the top ski resorts where the rich and famous families go during summer. Southwell (earlier mentioned herein) opines that everyone is interested in sampling the excellent party environment in Switzerland as long as skiing is involved.

Some of the popular names who frequent Verbier include; Jason Streatham, the Beckhams, Ronan Keating, Bono, and James Blunt. The latter owns a restaurant in Verbier, La Vache which is quite popular. Both Blunt and Diana Ross have a Verbier chairlift named after them. Some of the rich and popular people who own property here include; Richard Branson and the Duke and Duchess of York.

The Verbier nightlife features the Coco club and the farm club. One thing that celebrities love about being here is the fact that many people flock these areas making it easier for them to mask under the crowds.

St Moritz

St. Moritz is a luxury mountainous town situated in Engadin valley Switzerland. The town played host to the Winter Olympics not once, but twice. It has also hosted various other activities such as an outdoor ice rink Olympic, the Cresta run, and a bobsled world championship natural ice run. The town has a frozen lake where various winter sports and activities are held such as polo, ice horse racing, and cricket.

Visitors can also enjoy skiing in some of the well-manicured trails available in this town. St Moritz is popularly known as the area that invented skiing. With all this glitz and glamour going on in this town, it’s no wonder that some of the famous and rich families like to holiday here during summer.

Some of the notable people who have been in this town include; Alfred Hitchcock who frequented Badrutt’s Palace hotel every year for fifty years. Charlie Chaplin has also been a regular in St Moritz. Some of the popular people who have visited the town recently include; John Travolta, Liz Hurley, Robert de Niro, and Ivana Trump.

Affluent local residents also love the St. Moritz such as the Heineken family and Lakshmi Mittal. Some of the stunning places to see here are; Mario’s bar in Badrutt’s, the Dracula Club located at the Kulm Hotel, and the Kempinski Grand Hotel casino. The Dracula club is a private club operated by Rolf Sachs who is also the son of the late Gunter Sachs who frequented the town before his demise in 2011.


Montreux is a conventional resort town situated along Lake Geneva. The town is lies between the scenic lakeside and panoramic steep hills and is popularly known for its Montreux Jazz, a festival held in July. The microclimate in this town attracts many A-listers annually. For long, this town has been popular among families of rich and famous people across the globe.

One of the notable people who has stayed here in the past is Lord Byron and his colleagues such as Percy Shelley and Mary, who made the town their home for months in 1816. The town is home to some musical talent. For instance, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury once said that Montreux is one of the most peaceful places she knows of.

She went ahead and recorded a number of albums in the town. David Bowie also recorded some of his best music in Montreux. Other notable people who have been here include; Deep Purple, Charlie Chaplin, Ernest Hemingway, Graham Greene, and Vladimir Nabokov.


Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and as a result, it has attracted loads of famous and rich families during summer. Paris Hilton is said to have spent a long time in Zurich at one time when she was going steady with Thomas Gross, a local billionaire. Tina Turner is a long term resident in Zurich. She has since become a Swiss resident and has been quoted saying that she loves everything about Switzerland.


Zermatt is situated at the bottom of the highest mountains in the alpine mountain sphere. So gorgeous is this town such that one visit would not be enough for you to sample everything there is to see and do. Zermatt is a captivating ski resort which is a popular destination among the rich and famous families.

Celebrities particularly love the fact that the area is quite discreet and the paparazzi won’t be on your neck. Zermatt offers some fascinating views of the Matterhorn. One exceptional thing about this town is that only electric cars are allowed here which means visitors will be exposed to clean air and above all a healthy environment.

Frida Lyngstad from the musical group Abba lives in this town while Phil Collins has a chalet. Notable celebrities who still visit this town include; Nicole Kidman, Robbie Williams, Brad Pitt, Thierry Henry, Angelina Jolie, and Angela Merkel. Popular places to visit while here include; The Vernissage which has a bar, cinema, night club, restaurant, and a gallery, the Cervo for after ski drinks, and Chez Vrony.


Davos and Klosters situated along the Graubünden eastern Swiss canton are popularly known for playing host to the WEF (World Economic Forum) meeting. The meeting held every January attracts the famous and rich families from the business, financial, celebrities, as well as the political world.

During the ski season, many celebrities and royals flock the town. Some of the royals who frequent Davos and Klosters include; Prince Charles and William and Kate. other celebrities who have been seen here include; Bono, Renee Zellweger, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Southwell notes that celebrities love Davos and Klosters because it’s private. What’s more, there are many private chalets and this gives them the opportunity to party with their close friends without interference.


Lausanne is the fourth biggest city in Switzerland. Many celebrities and other famous and rich families flock this city during summer. One such people, F. Scott Fitzgerald visited the city in 1930 and stayed at the Hôtel de la Paix while his wife was recovering at a local medical facility. Coco Chanel is another popular personality known to have spent a prolonged stay at the hotel Lausanne Beau-Rivage Palace.


Many celebrities as well as famous and rich families today still holiday in the places mentioned herein. Switzerland goes down in history as one of the most discreet and private places, which is why many A-listers will continue holidaying here especially during summer.

Sunday 11th May 2019

Clubs, Aqua Park, Raclette Dinner and Prize Giving!

What a busy day and a busy two weeks. It has been exhilarating and exhausting for our campers but tonight was such a pleasure seeing big smiles on all of their faces.

They have been a very special and very memorable group and we will be really sad to see them leave tomorrow morning. Come back and visit us soon!!

9th May, Bridge Swinging

Today our awesome day kick started with Bridge Swinging. After the daring free fall of the bridge all of us had a bite in a café and headed to the camp for lunch. After barbeque lunch we went and had an amazing time bowling after which we headed for our courses. After having Indian food we had a blind folded group competition which made our stomach hurt of laughter. We then went to bed with happy memories by 9:30pm.

8th May, Rope course

Today, we had a sporty day starting with rope course followed with indoor rock climbing. After snacks, we had our PDP sessions where we had made a presentation of what we had learnt throughout the week. It was a pasta party for dinner. After this long tiring day we watched a football match and a movie and went to bed at 10pm.

Best Summer Vacation Activities in Europe for Students from India

The onset of summer sends a wave of excitement to people from all walks of life. Many people and especially parents with school-going children will take a vacation during summer. If you’ve never visited Europe, you may want to do it this summer.

Europe is one of the most interesting continents in the world with incredible countries to visit. This is why it can offer the ultimate summer vacation for students from India. Take your time this summer and traverse through Europe.

Enjoy the diverse culture, participate in adventurous activities, try to overcome your fears by attempting activities you’ve always resisted, and whatever you do, remember to make your visit to the Alpine Mountains a forgettable experience. There are numerous activities that students from India will be happy to engage in as we shall see below.

Top 4 Europe Summer Fun Activity Ideas for Students from India

1) Take a Trip to One of the Biggest Waterfalls in Europe

Waterfalls are fascinating and if you’re visiting one of the biggest ones in Europe, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. The Rhine falls emanate from the Rhine river which traverses through four countries from the Alps all the way to the North Sea. The river in itself is a sight to behold and has gained popularity as one of the most appreciated works of nature in Europe.

The Rhine falls are 150 meters wide complete with an estimated 23-meter drop. The magnitude of these falls makes it an interesting place to visit. Students can even swim or engage in other water sports related activities. If you have a fear for large volumes of water, you can be sure that by the time you’re done with your trip, your fears will all be gone.

The Rhine falls are popularly known for having huge volumes of water, and this has been a major reason why many visitors have come from far and wide just to marvel at the wonderful falls. The good thing about the Rhine falls is that they are easily accessible. You can drive to the site, take public transportation, or even cycle if you’re more adventurous.

If you can, then cycling is the best option because you’ll get a feel of the surroundings as well as get a better view of the environment. You’ll even make new friends on your way and get to understand European culture better. Another interesting fact about the Rhine falls is that it features a rail bridge which crosses the river right above the falls.

You’ll be excited to learn that there is a pedestrian path which ensures that all visitors can get a better view of the falls from different angles. The rail bridge crosses the river just above the falls and it also incorporates a pedestrian path allowing for visitors to walk completely around the falls and the Rhine Falls basin to view this spectacle from every possible viewpoint.

2) Go Bungee Jumping at the Contra Dam

The contra dam is popularly known as Verzasca dam. The dam is an exclusive architecture which has attracted visitors from all corners of the world. Apart from being the perfect summer vacation for Indian students, it’s an adventurous activity that will help them overcome their fear of heights. So, how can bungee jump offer the best summer vacation for students from India? Students spent a long time studying.

During vacations, they should engage in adventurous activities to refresh their brains. Bungee jumping is ideal for older students. The contra dam is also ideal for various recreational activities and students from India will benefit from engaging in fun outdoor activities. The Contra dam measures 220 meters in height and was used in a James Bond episode in the year 1995.

Of course, younger students can also visit the Contra dam for other incredible excursions and activities such as hiking. The good thing about hiking at the Contra dam is the students will learn and understand the history and strange facts about the dam structure. Once their vacation is over, they’ll have interesting stories to share with their friends back in India.

3) Go Paragliding

Paragliding is not for the faint at heart. What makes this a must try activities during summer vacation for students from India is the fact that students are curious, courageous, and willing to try any adventurous thing in the world. There are numerous benefits you can gain from paragliding.

These include; maintaining body balance, relieving stress accumulated from studying for exams, getting captivating sights and capturing them on camera, burning calories, triggering adrenaline rush which eventually helps students achieve overall body health, and most importantly, paragliding helps students overcome their fears and boosts their confidence.

A student who participates in paragliding will most likely be able to face the toughest things they may come across during their schooling days. If you want to engage in an unforgettable adventure, then you can go paragliding in Europe. There are numerous paragliding sites in various across Europe such as Zurich and Geneva. Remember to enjoy the scenic views too while at it.

4) Go Cliff Walking

Cliff walking is another fun activity that students will be excited to try. The Titlis cliff walk bridge is an incredible structure that you may be afraid to try at first especially if you have a fear for heights. If you’re courageous enough to walk along the 100-meter cliff. You’ll enjoy a captivating view of the surroundings.

You should overcome your fears and just walk along the cliff. After all, many people have walked there before and they lived to tell the amazing tale. You’ll not only overcome your fear of heights, but you’ll also gain the confidence to face more challenging activities. The Titlis cliff walk has been built in between two cliffs and is approximately 3,000 meters above sea level making it the highest suspension bridge across Europe.

One of the most interesting things about the Titlis cliff is that you’ll get better views of the Titlis glacier park as well as marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views. What’s more, you’ll be able to view the exquisite Glacier cave.

Daring students will also get the opportunity to swing their legs atop the Ice Flyer, the ski lift which carries visitors through the mountain peaks, as well as ride on the inaugural revolving cable car around the globe also known as the Rotair Gondola.

How will Students From India Benefit from the Long Summer Vacation?

Going on a summer vacation comes with numerous benefits to students as seen below.

– Improved Physical Health

Studies suggest that students who participate in outdoor activities regularly will be more active. Further, they have reduced risks of becoming obese as a result of increased physical activity. Students of all ages are more curious and will want to discover everything.

The perfect summer vacation for students from India in Europe even allows students to participate in gardening projects and educates them on how to make healthy food choices.

– Improved Immune system

When you’re exposed to sunlight, your body is able to produce vitamin D3 with ease. Students who go on summer vacations have better muscle and bone development. What’s more, vitamin D3 is critical for general health. Still, you need to be cautious as excessive sun exposure can be dangerous.

Remember to use sunscreen if you’ll be spending a long hour in the sun. Experts insist on the importance of spending more time outdoors saying that it can be all you need to protect yourself from allergies.

– Enhanced Cognitive Expertise

Students can enhance their cognitive skills such as better memory, improved reasoning skills, and enhanced concentration. Studies suggest that exposure to the outdoors and nature can stimulate brain development in students and help them to be innovative, become more interested in discovering new things and engaging in new tasks and become more willing to take risks.

– Psychological Factors

Spending time outdoors helps students to gain psychological benefits. Studies suggest that when they’re exposed to nature, their brains relax and they become calmer and less susceptible to anger.

Many students especially teenagers who go on summer vacation for students in India will be less moody, less stressed or even depressed, will harbor more respect for their elders, and will be in their best behavior most of the time. Further, students will be more able to control their emotions when they go on a summer vacation.

If you want to discover how exposure to nature and the outdoors helps your students, you may want to study the Attention Restoration Theory which gives a comprehensive explanation on the psychological benefits of exposure to nature and the natural world.

According to studies, it’ll take the average student more concentration to catch up with the modern world and this can make them stressed, fatigued, and even irritated. These negative moods can be relieved by regular exposure outdoors.


If you’re looking for the ideal strategies to enhance the wellbeing of your children, then take them on summer vacation for students in India. Going somewhere away from the hustles and bustles of the city can be all that your child requires to cut down stress and relax their brains.