The rain abated, the clouds parted and Verbier was bathed in sunshine once more.

The Discovery group had wonderful day learning to ride bikes through obstical courses, around the fields behiend Les Elfes and through the town of Verbier to get some ice cream which was enjoyed by all. Tennis and touch Rugby were also on offer throuh out the day for those kids who wanted to do something different.

The Explorer group headed down the mountain to the nearby sunsoaked village of Sembrancher. Here they learned to Rock climb with the help of the Les Elfes staff and the regions mountain Guides. The kids pushed them selves and scaled tough but fun routes to the top.

They then travelled to the Gorges du Durand where they enjoyed spectacular veiws of the waterfalls cascading down and through the mountain. A truly breathtaking experinece.

Our hard working Pioneer group had a relaxing day at the hotbath spar of Les Bains de Lavey. This gave the group a nice chance to unwind and ease off a little after the last few action packed days.

All three groups then got ready for Disco night after dinner where pop chart tunes were played to the glee and excitment of the kids until the early hours of the morning ( 9:30 pm ).

As the summer nears it`s end the kids and staff at Les Elfes are making sure to etch out every last drop of sun and fun .

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