24th August- Sports day for all campers!!

We kicked off today with languages in the morning, followed by a delicious Thai lunch! After eating, the pioneers split into 3 different groups and rotated between mountain biking, tennis and football. Everyone g  ot stuck in and had a go at every sport, encouraging others along that hadn’t tried a particular sport before which was great to see.

Explorers headed to Sembrancher for an afternoon of rock climbing. Despite the sudden spurt of rain, everyone kept high spirits and had a go at climbing. Some have even managed to achieve their Les Elfes level 3 climbing qualification!

Discoveries also had a fun afternoon involving hiking and mountain biking! On the hike, Ruby the team leader set the challenge of who could find a wild blueberry first! One of the Chinese campers Isabella was the winner! We also made bouquets of wild flowers and played ‘spot the bull’ (which no one ever won as weirdly today there was not a single bull in sight in the Verbier hills!)

In the evening, the pioneers enjoyed a meal out at a pizza restaurant in Verbier, explorers played ‘The Apprenctice’ and discoveries did the ‘Bin Bag Fashion Show’!

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