25th May 2019


Yesterday was one of the most interesting days . We got to visit the United Nations headquarters in Geneva . It was a really educational experience for everyone as they have been learning about the UN and its functions . There was also a option of going for a watch making workshop . It was challenging but also fun . It was really interesting as watches are a speciality in Switzerland .

Returning campers got the opportunity to visit Bern the capital of Switzerland . There they visited Albert Einstein house which has been turned into a museum . Later they got to shop and explore the city of Bern . On returning back to Verbier we had dinner and then our evening clubs . One of the clubs was magic , held by Aryaman Agarwal our very own in-house magician . In one of the other club they baked cookies . There was also a new addition to the clubs called the apprentice . In it we were supposed to create a new product and sell it to the investors. It was a really fun day in all.

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