6th April- Last day skiing, Shopping in Town, and Egg Drop Challenge

Today was the last day of skiing and snowboarding for our campers. They woke up to a beautiful blue sky and were eager to get up on the mountain and enjoy the sun and spring vibes. They had lunch at La Chaux and then did a few more runs before parting with their instructors; grateful for their lessons and fun times they shared together.

When they returned to camp, they started packing and a few of them went into town for some last minute shopping and sandwiches.

Dinner consisted in battered fish acompagnied with vegetables and rice. For their evening activity they worked hard to create and build a box for the Egg Drop Challenged. It was exciting to watch them place the egg inside the box and drop it from the second floor. Surprisingly a few of them survived the fall, whilst the rest turned into scrambled eggs!

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