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Carnival- 2nd July 2019

Today all the children went on different excursions. The Discovery’s went to the Charlie Chaplin Museum, where they had a great time, followed by going to Vevey shopping mall. The Explorers went to the Cheese and Chocolate factory, where they loved testing all the free chocolate samples, followed by the Vevey shopping mall. The Pioneers had a fascinating tour round the United Nations in Geneva. Finally, the returning children went to Bern to go sight seeing and shopping.

This evening after dinner we then had Carnival. It is made up of serveral different stalls with different games, for example, they have to knock a stack of tins down, eat a waffle that is hanging off a piece of string wihtout their hands etc. All the age groups were mixed together and they all got involved.

After the carnival we had a colour festival on the basketball courts. All the kids that wanted to participate got given sachets of coloured powder which they threw into the air. This meant that the children came out multi-coloured, they loved it!

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