Mountain Hut Adventures

All groups have had a night away from camp which they’ve spent at either a mountain hut or camping in tents. Discoveries went to Crans Montana, had fun in a lake and roasted some marshmallows. Explorers hiked to Lac Tanay, a picturesque location and great for bonfires. Lastly, Pioneers went kayaking and camped under the…

Session 2

Session 2 is on its way to perfection. Our students have been busy making new friends, studying languages & participating in activities such as the ropes course, mountain biking and team games. Sometimes its hard to make the first step but everything begins from the first step.

Disco- 19th June 2019

Once again we were very fortunate with the weather, the sun shone bright and it was nice and warm day for all the campers. The Pioneers and Discoverys went mountain biking. It was the first time for a few of the children on bikes, and they all did amazing! We had some huge improvements on…

Day on the road and Carnival Night + Holi

Today the kids got into buses and traveled to Geneva, Gruyere, Montreux and Vevey to learn more about the United Nations (Pioneers), visited local Chocolate and Cheese Factories (Explorers) and the Charlie Chaplin Museum (Discovery), and shopping! After dinner back in Verbier, they played games at the Carnival and celebrated the Indian festival of Holi.

Sunday 16th June 2019

Today our two oldest age groups had a thrilling time going round a high ropes course. The Pioneers went down to the ropes course in Aigle and the Explorers went to Verbiers own ropes course. They all had a fantastic time swinging through the trees. Meanwhile, the Discoverys went on a nature and orienteering hike….

Camping- 15th June 2019

Everyone went camping last night and had a great time. They made a bonfire and then roasted marshmallows. Afterwards they played games before heading to bed. This morning some of the brave Explorers went swimming in Lac de Taney, which was rather chilly. Some of the other campers perfected their balancing skills on the slackline….

Optional Day & BBQ – 13th June

Today was a busy day at Les Elfes as the campers were split across several activities. Some built on their leadership and teamwork skills with a series of challenging exercises, whilst others learnt about basic first aid. We had other campers cooking up a storm in the kitchen, making delicious soups and rhubarb cupcakes, as…

International day

Today was a very special day for all the campers – international day. A chance for every student to show off their country, culture and food to the rest of the camp. Our youngest students made posters and had a talent show whilst the oldest students rustled up some of their national dishes.

Excursion Day

All campers headed out on excursion today. Discoveries ventured to the chocoalte and cheese factories, which left them full as they couldn’t stop eating all the free chocolate as they went around. Explorers found their way to the Olympic Museum to learn about all the Olympic games around the world, very informative and the students…

Rainy day but sunny campers – 10th June

The rain may have fallen heavily in Verbier today but the campers didn’t let it dampen their spirits. We are lucky enough to have some amazing indoor facilities close by and everyone had a great time taking advantage of them. Either burning off energy in out huge sports hall, climbing the state of the art…