China Summer Camp

U-Motion is an international youth leadership and cultural camp organized by IDEAS Camp Education and UWC Changshu China. It is an international summer camp with English as the main language of instruction. Campers come from all over the world with different personalities, passions and cultures. 

Within 15 days, campers will closely relate their personal growth, education and social needs to the world development and to take the first step to realize their dreams.

Based on the philosophy of science education, U-Motion International Youth Camp is designed to guide campers to learn not only learning skills but also necessary living skills. Campers will take adventurous challenges during their time in the camp and learn skills which could possibly benefit them for their whole life, making them the potential young leaders in the near future.


As a professional and international camp education organization, IDEAS Camp serves children from 5 to 18 years old with highly qualified camp education courses and activities. IDEAS aims at cultivating youth with the learning abilities and living capacity required by the 21st century through education innovation.

Based on the objective of improving the cross-cultural communications among teenagers through camp education, thus, making them world citizens with global outlook, IDEAS started China‘s very first camp education research center and cooperates with camps from 20 countries all over the globe.

UWC Changshu China

Discover in this video the accommodation and location of the summer camp.


Ready for Your College

2017 International Youth Camp provides young people with a unique and immersive learning environment that promotes participants to develop a healthy lifestyle. Experience the world’s leading teaching philosophy,preview university life, and gain valuable experiences that universities value.

Ready for Your Career

Your vision sets your path for where you will go, and your resource determines how much you can achieve. People you share these experiences with can be your potential partners in the future. Our 2017 International Youth Camp is a platform for you to meet global talents. Communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds who bring different ideas with them, and increase your talented friends circle.

Ready for Your Life

How do we define success? In which ways do we live our lives? What actions do we take that give us a feeling of fulfilment? 2017 International Youth Camp challenges definitions of success and places participants in roles where they continue to reflect on the choices they make in their lives.

Daily Schedule


Design Thinking

Design thinking will be an indispensable experience for every camper. This method enables all campers to learn how to develop a project, and what’s more, to benefit a society. Design thinking provides techniques for group leadership, goal setting and project planning.

City Flash

Spontaneous dance can ignite feelings of wonder. Campers will dance under the guidance of professional dancers and put on a flash mob dance on the pedestrian street in Changshu City!

World Cafe

Campers from different countries discuss existing problems and difficulties in the world.You will have a better understanding of a variety of cultures, broaden your horizon and reshape your thought pattern.

Human Library

Role models play an important role in prompting the development of young people.Youth models will encourage you to be a dream fulfiller by talking about their own experience during IDEAS International Youth Camp.

Refugee Experience

Experience the world to know the world in a better way. You will lead a life exactly what a refugee is living. Your feelings and experience of being a refugee could encourage you to do something to influence the local people’s lives positively.

City Adventure

As a city explorer, challenges come to you anywhere at any time. Different levels of tasks are designed to assess your ability of responsiveness, innovation, communication, cooperation and leadership.

Dates and Prices

The camp welcomes youth from 15th to 29th of July in United World College (Changshu•China)
The total cost is 2800USD, excluded transportation (flight tickets, coach) and personal consumption during the camp period.

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