Excursion and Carnival- 20th Aug

Today all the campers left Verbier and went on different excursions.

The Discoveries went to the Charlie Chaplin Museum, followed by a tour round Chillon Castle. They learnt all kinds of things about the famous comedian and the life he lived. They then had great fun trying to find all the dragons, hidden round the castle.

The Explorers went to the cheese factory, followed by the chocolate factory. They learnt how cheese is made and the history behind chocolate. We all know that there favourite part of the day was getting to taste all the samples of different chocolate.

The Pioneers went to the Communication Museum in Bern. They had a great time following the history and the evolution of communication. This included mailing pipes and phones. Afterwards they got to go sight seeing round Bern and do a little bit of shopping.

In the evening, it was Carnival night. So, there were lots of different stalls set up, so that they could play all kinds of different games. This included, tin can game, bucket stack and waffle madness. They could have a face paint done and go to the bar and get mocktails and popcorn. It was great to see all the age groups mixing with each other and getting on so well.