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Excursion Day- 12th July

Today everyone left camp and went to visit different parts of Switzerland.

The Discoverys went to the Cheese factory in Gruyere followed by the Chocolate factory, which they adored (especially tasting all the free chocolate samples). After the tours of the factories they headed off to the Vevey shopping mall.

The Explorers went to the Olympic museum, which was fascinating. They had an amazing time on all the interactivities e.g. testing reaction speed. Afterwards they went to the Lausanne shopping mall, which was of great excitement.

The Pioneers went to the Charlie Chaplin Museum. They found it very interesting following his life journey, from a deprived child to becoming an international star. Later on that day, they also went to the Vevey shopping mall.

For the children who had done these excursions on previous Les Elfes visits, they went to the Einstein Museum in Bern. They all learnt a lot about the birlliant physicist.

This evening the Discoveries made cards, the Explorers either did the selfie challange or did mini golf, and the Pioneers either went to the escape rooms or did a casino night.


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