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Farewell from Les Elfes Summer Camp 2014!

Today we saw the last of our campers leave so we close the door on our summer camp and we ready ourselves for the school groups arriving in September. 
This summer we have had campers from over 50 nationalities and all continents! Monitors came across the world to be here. Argentina to Wales, South Africa to Latvia and Australia to Ireland.
Speaking on behalf of all the staff, we have thoroughly enjoyed having the campers here and it has been a pleasure getting to know them and making new friends.

POST-FACEBOOK-END-SUMMERWe are with the kids from wake up to bedtime ensuring they are safe and enjoying themselves. It is amazing to see how much the students grow as people during their stay. On arrival some can be home sick and missing his or her mom and dad. Over the following days they begin to make new friends and not only participate in activities but really throw themselves in and start to lead the way.

Before long it has come to the end of a session and everyone is shaking hands or hugging, saying good bye with a tear in their eyes.

We hope to have the pleasure to welcome many of you to our next winter or summer camp!

Best wishes,

Les Elfes International


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