Final day skiing and snowboarding

Today was the last day of skiing, the students were having a super time on the slopes with their instructors. This week has been amazing, the students are very funny and are always keen to ski. They were very sad to give back their ski’s at the end of day.

After skiing the students gathered for hot chocolate and snacks. They spent their afternoon, showering, packing and preparing for their trip home tomorrow. Our chef cooked a fantastic last meal for everyone followed by a healthy fruit salad. Once all rooms were checked we gathered the students for prize giving.

All of the instructors came to say good-bye to the students, they gave out prizes, medals and certificates. We had some very speedy race results. Many of the students progressed so much this week all of them were very happy with their results.

Indeed we will miss this bunch of students, these guys have a wonderful bond and a great team spirit. With a lot of laughing, many games and a fewtears when saying good-bye this evening you could really see it was a fantastic week. Its save to say we will most likely see many of them next year!