Friday 13th June 2018 – Excursion Day

Excursion Day

Today the campers awoke from their beds with heaps of energy for a long day of education, Learning and exploring.

It was excursion day for all of our campers! After breakfast the campers were spilt into their designated groups and informed of the days schedule.

The Discoveiries – The campers set to venture off to the Charlie Chaplin museum. In the museum the campers learnt all about the silent movie era and how this changed the face of comedy in the vision of television and movies. The explorers were in the Museum for the morning and the pioneers headed off to the museum in the afternoon. Once the campers had learnt everything about the 60’s to present. They were taken to a shopping mall to spend their monies and search for bargains.

The Explorers – Were booked into Callier chocolate factory – to learn the ins and outs of chocolate manufaction. In the afternoon the campers set off to Gruyere to witness cheese factory in operation.

The Pioneers – Ventured off to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, informing themselves on all the past and present games that have happened over the years. After a nice lunch by the beautiful lake of Lac Leman the Pioneers set off to Montruex to explore the local jazz festival on a the moment.

Once the campers had returned to camp it was time chill and relax.

Evening activities consisted of campfire and parachute games for Discoveries, Movie night for Explorers and Dine out for Pioneers.

All campers are ready to take on their second week of adventures…..






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