Friday 24th Aug 2018 – Final Day, prize giving, Aqua park

Final day of session 6 and also final day of summer! Like every other day for the past two weeks the kids woke up very early and got ready for the greatest day at Aqua Park. After a nice breakfast, campers had the energy they needed to have an awesome time. At 9:00h we got all the kids on the buses and made our way to the park. Once there, it was nothing but happiness, laughter and excitement. Discoveries and Pioneers had the opportunity to be together today, and the were very happy about it. A mix of emotions we would say, at the aquapark. For some campers it was just excitment, but for others it was also a moment to put their fears away and ride as many rides as possible. Today was about making the best memories, for the kids this was the last opportunity to spend time with all the new friends they made.

After Aqua Park everyone was very tired, since having fun takes loads of energy, but that did not stop them from playing and hanging out once back in camp. They returned at about 17:30h and went up to their rooms to finish packing and getting themselves ready for prize giving.

At dinner time they recharged their energy and were ready for a night full of surprises.

Prize giving is always very exiting for campers. We gave out prizes for star campers, special mentions and winners for all the games and activities we had during the session. At 22:00h it was time to say goodbye and tears of joy and sadness started to course down their cheeks. It is a very emotional moment for the kids to let go of a place they have been having so much fun, making new memories and new friends, having such a great time, but today was awesome for them.


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