Hiking and Les Elfes olympics 24th may thursday

the campers were woken up a little later today at around 8:30 and ate breakfast at 9. After breakfast, the older group went hiking through a scenic route for an hour and stopped at migros for a drink and a small snack. the younger group competed in the Les Elfes olympics where they had to choose an existing country and draw its flag and write its national anthem.

after the older group returned to the camp, the campers had barbecue for lunch. then, the younger kids went for a hike and the older kids participated in the olympics. The older kids had to make up a country and write its national anthem,rules and make the national dance. after that, there were a few games like egg and spoon race, relay race and volleyball jail. at 4, they got their phones and sat around for a bit. their  daily courses started at 5 and ended at 6:30.

dinner was served at 7 and their evening clubs ( photography, baking,journalism and sports coaching) began at 8. at 9:30, the campers were ready to hit the sack.