Loads going on today!!!

Very impressive weather today up on the mountain, started a little misty but the sunshine broke through, which made for some epic skiing and snowboarding. While some groups were up on the mountain, others chose to go onto Excursion to the Callier chocolate factory, Tibet museum, Gyureres castle and a shopping/ sightseeing trip in Vevey. Later in the day, once everybody had returned all the students had sign up for optional activities and snacks, consisting of bread, proper butter and a very, very, wide assortment of jams and a refreshing cup of hot chocolate. After dinner, the students split into two groups, some who really wanted to see the live football game in the local sports center and others who stayed and thoroughly enjoyed their time at Les Elfes playing  the very popular game of La Fuerer, a music based activity, placing two groups against each other, based on singing, dancing and well good entertainment for extra points.

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