Monday 11th June – Summer Session 1 Day 2 – Olympic Games, Mountain Biking and Ropes Course

Bonjour, Hola, Morgen, Hello: The day started with language courses. A small test was set for the campers to check their ability and knowledge of their chosen language. Once the language courses had finished it was time to return to camp to relax and chill before an afternoon of intense activites.


The discoveries took part in LES ELFES OLYMPIC GAMES where they are divided into different teams to compete against each other. The groups have to create a team uniform, opening ceremony and a team chant.

The afternoon was a great success with lots of team spirit and encouragement from all participants and monitors.

The results of the games will be announced on the last day of camp.

To keep with the team spirit and energetic activities the discoveries were placed into teams; team boys and team girls they had to complete different challenges against each other. Alot of noise was heard from all over campus from the campers.

More photos of discoveries here:


The lessons were not over yet for our EXPLORERS as it was time to spruce up on their mountain bike ability and to learn new skills on the wheels.

The groups were spilt into three groups: Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced. Whilst the beginners learnt new skills and balancing techniques the advanced groups ventured up the mountain to experience new found terrain.

All groups had alot of fun big smiles from ear to ear for their new passion of the sport.

Evening activity consisted of our LES ELFES version of the tv show THE CUBE where the group was spilt into groups to compete for the overall champion, the campers will hear the results on the last day of camp.

More photos of Explorers here:


Heights, challenges and balance was key for the Pioneers afternoon activity: The activity the Pioneers took part in was the ropes course, set in a small forest in Aigle. From easy to difficult courses this would really test their fear of heights or who was the fastest around the courses. In the trees there is different challenges and quests for the pioneers to face: working as a team and finding their own strengths whilst hanging 10ft in the air.

After the ropes course was finished with the group ventured back to Verbier for some chill time. Evening activity the group was dropped off at Le Hatey a small mountain hut where the group relaxed around the campfire, sang songs, ate dinner and told stories. The pioneers also had dinner up in the woods. After this the campers walked down back to the village of Verbier and headed straight for bed.


More photos of Pioneers here:

All in all, all campers and staff had an amazing day and it is now time to relax and get ready for a full day of excursions tomorrow.