Monday 12th Feb- Skiing, Rock Climbing, Village, Baking and Cinema

A typical Monday involves a struggle to get out of bed, and a reluctant return to work or school. However, here at Les Elfes we have put an end to the so-called “Monday Blues”. A typical Monday at Les Elfes involves our campers jumping out of bed, rushing to get ready to hit the slopes and of course, always with a huge smile upon their face.

Today was indeed another typical Les Elfes Monday. It was a great day skiing on the mountain, with a fresh layer of snow and hence, perfect conditions to practice and improve technique. On their return from the slopes, our campers signed up for different activities. In the afternoon, some went ice skating, some to languages and the rest went shopping in town.

After a delicious dinner composed of Mexican Fajitas, our oldest campers left for a cinema night. The others either participated in baking cookies or rock climbing at the Sports Centre.

It was another great Monday at Les Elfes, and we hope the week will continue along these good vibes.

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