Monday 12th March, skiing, Verbier visit and Fureur


This morning when the children looked out of their windows they were surprised by the amount it was snowing. It definitely  was a magical sight, ask them!

Breakfast was at 8am and the groups ate a good amount of food as they knew they had a physically demanding day ahead, however later they found it was also a very rewarding day as the kids managed to make great progression on the slopes!

A full day of skiing today ensured that they were ready for their snacks when they came back. A hot chocolate definitely warmed them up.

In flexi time today the campers went to discover the village where their are spending this time, did some baking or play the cube, a challenge game that the other can play later in the week!

Hungry after all this activities, the students enjoyed a really tasty cumin and coriander lamb dish that was served with couscous.

The evening activity was a music game: La Fureur, where we tested their musical knowledges and their dancing skills. Well…we were actually surprised!!!

Then they were definitely ready to go to bed for a good night sleep! Up early tomorrow for a big days skiing.

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