Monday 17th December White Peaks and Torches!!

Some tired and others full of energy, but all excited to improve their skiing, all went up to breakfast, where the smell of fresh croissants filled up the dining room. They were soon devoured by all and everyone came to life again.
Boots strapped and clenching onto their skis, they all rushed to join the rest of the instructors  to make the most of as much of the freshly fallen snow before the crowds arrived. It’s lunch time and the kis eat to be ready and full of energy to come back to the slopes.The afternoon it’s time for a hot chocolate and snacks, language classes and indoor activitites like climbing or boardgames sharing good moments together. After all the excitement, the kids met up again back at the campus for a hot dinner. Food that will help them recover to further improve and grow. Once they were all fed and watered, they went downstairs for the final activity of the the day.

They grabbed some torches and lit them. The large flame was used to aid their vision as they strolled through the night around town. They eventually made their way back, quenched their torches and went inside.

After a long funny day it’s time to sleep, Another day in Verbier came to an end and all that is left is to rest our heads.