Monday 2nd June 2018- Languages, Hiking, Escape Room and Lake Day

Another gorgeous day in Verbier. At 7:30 the campers arose for another adventure filled day. After eating breakfast, languages where under way. Soon languages were finished and the campers were eating another amazing lunch. The campers then split off into their groups to begin their afternoon activities.

During their afternoon activity, the discoveries became experts in mountaineering and orientering while hiking in the glorious sun. Not only did they enjoy the stunning views Verbier has to offer they learnt new and useful skills resulting in a highly successful day… or so we hope! After the long day the discoveries had a well deserved break with a movie night and camp fire with chocolate bananas! The perfect end to a perfect day!

Explorers also partook in the mountaineering and orientering. However as they are a little older their monitors gave them a few more tasks and challenges. After the long hike, they returned to camp to enjoy flexi time where most went to pool to cool off. They ended the night with either casino night or escape room, so definitely had to use their brains.

And finally our oldest campest probably had the most fun filled day as they were able to go to the lake! After hours of tubing, banana boating and sunbathing they returned to Les Elfes happy and with lots of stories. With all that energy, dressing up and making a music video is just what they needed to end the amazing day, and that is just what they did.

All in all it was another successful day in Les Elfes Verbier. The kids are all headed off to their beds tired from a fun and sun filled day, getting much needed rest for new adventures tomorrow!

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