Monday 30th of July. Languages, Labyrinth, sports day, rope course, mountain biking, boys vs girls, “The Cube” and “Le Fureur”

Like every morning our campers woke up at 7:30h and after a nice breakfast everyone was ready for their languages lessons. It was the first day for them so they did some test to check their levels and start to improve their skills in English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.
Today the weather was amazing. All the groups enjoyed their activities outside!
Discoveries could enjoyed the funny game of Labyrinth where the small campers had to find their ways to get out of it.
The Explorers had an amazing sports day. They could enjoyed different sports as football, tennis, water games, frisbee and baseball in Sembrancher. All the kids enjoyed the games and had the chance to know each other better.
It was the turn for Pioneers to enjoy the exciting rope courses and to have some fun doing some mountain biking.
After all these activities all the kids were back in camp where they signed up for afternoon activities as swimming pool, shopping in town or chill and play some games in camp. Furthermore everyone got their phone so they could contact their families and to express how much fun their having with their new friends.
Afterward it was dinner time. All the campers enjoyed a delicious meal and had time to speak with their friends.
At 20h all the groups started their evening activities.
Discoveries played the funny game of Boys VS Girls, Explorers enjoyed playing the challenging game of The Cube where they competed one team against each other.
Last our oldest group, Pioneers, had a really good time playing our famous game of Le Fureur where the showed their skills singing and dancing. We can say they really had a lot laughters.
When the campers finished their evening activities it was already bed time. So after the long day all the kids went to their room to sleep and get some rest for next day.


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