Monday 6th of August. Optional courses day, swimming pool, town, relax, clubs night, escape rooms and dine out.

Today all the campers woke up full or energy and after a nice breakfast everyone was ready to start their optional courses. The kids could enjoy courses as leadership, etica, cooking, baking, theatre, mountain fitness and first aids. They enjoyed the activities and we could check how much fun they had during the day.
When the optional courses finished the kids signed up for either going to town, swimming pool or chill. Even they had time to use their phones to call their families.
After it was already dinner time. Some kids had dinner in the camp while other signed up to dine out in some local restaurants.
Afterwards some of the campers enjoyed Clubs night were they did different activities as football, egg drop, baking or games competition. Also some kids from Explorers group had the chance to play the escape rooms in town. All the children had a lot fun and share a nice moment together.
Later when the evening activities finished everyone was ready to go to sleep and to get some rest after the long day.

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