Monday 7th January: Skiing, Torchlight Walk and Escape Rooms!

Still jet lagged but better rested, everyone came for breakfast and filled up their plates with eggs and bacon. Soon after they put on their warmest clothes and made their way downstairs to put on their boots. With suncream on their noses they shuffled into their groups with skiis in hand. Following an intense morning, the kids took a break in the La Chaux dining room and had some hot food.


After the second half of the ski session, they came back, had a snack and went to language class. Those that didn’t have languages relaxed a bit or went into the village before dinner. After dinner, the evening activity was either: Escape Rooms, for those that didn’t do it yesterday, and a Torchlight walk through the woods for the other half. They had the chance to either find their way out of a code filled room, or walk under a starlit sky through the trees. When all was said and done, the kids went to bed and there wasn’t a sound.