Monday 9th April. Skiing, sport center and Music Video

This morning It was not necessary to wake up our campers as there were already up and ready to head up in the mountain! But first They had a good breakfast to have to take enough energy to deal with a full day on the slopes.

The different groups went all around the mountain exploring different slopes in Verbier and making their progression. All the kids kept improving their skills really well.

For all of them was more than deserved the good lunch up in the mountain!

After the second part of their lessons they came back to choose their afternoon activities and have a yummy snack. Most of them went to the sport center to challenge themselves with different sports, some went to town and others just chilled in the camp where they could watched a movie and to do some Yoga.

The dinner was really good, but they couldn’t wait to play the evening activity: the music video! They had the chance to show us their performing skills and It was really funny!!! They couldn’t wait to see the final result on Friday evening!


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