Optional Course Day – 5th August

Today our campers went on the optional course they signed up for to learn a new skill.

On camp we had a leadership course, aimed at developing decision making and group management as a they tackled a variety of challenges. We also had campers getting creative as they took part in an arts, cooking and theatre class.

Earlier this morning we had one camper leave for Geneva to take part in an authentic Swiss watch making class. In Verbier we had campers up the mountain learning about basic first aid, with others testing their fitness on a challenging walk. Finally we also had a class of kids brushing up their table manners as they went on an etiquette course.

To finish the day, the Discoveries took on a design and build challenge, the Explorers were challenged to a create an outfit for a fashion show, and the Pioneers took a relaxing walk up to St Christophe to enjoy the view.

Excursion day tomorrow!

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