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Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of February: Arrivals, Nice first day skiing and Sport center for Perin campus

Saturday 17th of February:

Plenty of individuals students arrived yesterday. They had the time to become familiar with the facilities and to play with the snow before they headed to the village.

After a sunny walk in Verbier, they came back to Perrin camp to enjoy an easy night and watch a movie.


Sunday 18th of February:

Today was the first day skiing and the first time ever for many. And they could not wish for a better weather. They have enjoyed a delicious lunch on the mountain and went back to the slopes.

After a great day skiing, they could choose their “après-ski” activities; the options were baking, sledging or snowman building. Some made amazing cookies while others had even more fun with the snow.

This evening, they went to the sport center and had fun playing bench ball and other collective games.

After such a day, all our students went happily to bed in order to get ready for another skiing day under the sun.

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