Saturday 5th January: Arrival Day!!

This morning many kids left to the airport to head back home, while those staying longer had a normal, but cloudy, skii day with their instructors. Many left but many more new kids arrived. Snacks and treats were provided for the starving kids. A big group from Lima, Peru, a few from Sao Paulo, Brazil and a few from Australia arrived. They all settled down nicely into their rooms, got a long well with those who were already there and their excitement resonated through the rooms. Many had to do ski fitting with some instructors and rent gear for tommorrow morning. A few went out to explore the town, did some ice-skating and then came back for dinner. A dinner welcome speach was given, explaining all the rules, regulations and activities that will take place throughout the week. More arrived later, they had some food and by that time, everyone was exhausted after their long journeys from the other side of the world so they hit the hay.