Leadership by Les Elfes

In collaboration with SLTeam, official team-building and leadership provider of Harvard Business School and IMD. Outdoor teamwork exercises bring spontaneous behaviours, which are incomparable for debriefing and video analysing.

Our seminars are based, essentially, on outdoor “problem solving” teamwork exercises, available to all.
The situations are designed to challenge participant Leadership and Teamwork skills in a safe, fun, and unique learning environment. Teams will plan and achieve, or fail to achieve, specific objectives. They will be competing both against the clock and against other groups and will use rather unusual material.
The debriefing sessions (organized as a challenge), the extensive video material of their experiences and the feedback session, will enable each group and individuals, to understand the key lessons learnt.

At the end of this programme, participants will have developed their Leadership skills and identify why a team « works » or « does not work ».

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