Sports Day- 19th Aug

Today the campers started with languages, followed by all kinds of different sports.

The Discoveries went on a nature walk, where they found out about all kinds of different plants and bugs that they saw. They started off up the mountain and then walked along and back down to Les Elfes. The weather wasn’t particularly nice to start off with, but it quickly cleared up. This was followed by baking and escape rooms in the evening.

The Explorers went to the sports hall and rotated at different stations, all with different sports. They had tennis, rock climbing and badminton. After having a go at all the sports they headed back to camp. They then all got to go out for dinner and the local restaurant.

The Pioneers had mountain biking, so they cycled over to the lift station, where they got onto the lift with the bikes, all the way up to Ruinete. Once up the mountain, they followed the bike path all the way back down to Les Elfes. In the evening they then created a music video. They all had a great laugh, especially when some of the boys decided to dress up as girls.