Sports day and Disco- 7 August

Today the weather unfortunately wasn’t great to start the day. This meant that we were limited to indoor activities, but this didn’t stop the campers from having another fantastic day.

The Discovery’s did the egg drop challenge. They had to create a contraption that would keep their egg safe from being dropped off different heights of balconies. If their eggs cracked then they would be out. The kids had a smashing time! Afterwards when the weather cleared up half the group went mountain biking, whilst the other half went to the escape rooms.

The Explorers and Pioneers went to the sports centre, where they played all kinds of games. They played badminton, tennis, football, basketball and they got to go on the climbing wall. They had a great time playing mini matches against each other. Their competitive sides started to really show, and it made for some great competition.

This evening was Disco night. All the kids got dressed up and put their dancing shoes on. It was great to see all the age groups mixing together and dancing with each other. Everyone got involved, including the staff members, it was a super evening!

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