Personal Development

These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intellegence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

This Spring we offer many different courses, each running for 8 session of 2 hours each throughout our 2-week ski and adventurous activities programme.

Our courses aim to equip our students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and to apply that knowledge when leading others and preparing for the world of work. Managing their expectations, motivations and reflection processes can enable students to further understand the concept of success. It is one thing to learn how to become an organised, calm or articulate individual but to understand the fundamental concepts affecting your experience will allow you to lead others to achieve more.


To be chosen

Your child gets to participate in 28 hours of focused personality development programs during the two Sping weeks.

Leadership Workshops

All ages

Our leadership course at Les Elfes in spring transcends the logistics of leading a group, the mere mechanics of organising others and focuses on our intentions and our goals and how these affect our attitudes and our actions as leaders. Developing a firm concept for self-worth, fairness, equality, honesty and positive role models is at the forefront of building leaders who can make the best decisions in new situations, who can be adaptable and prepared for any eventuality and have the confidence in their own ability to lead others in unknown terrain.

Ethical Leadership ( 12 to 18 years)
This Spring our leadership course is designed to encourage our students to consider their personal code of ethics. In a world of globalisation and world leaders prolific in the media are our leaders of tomorrow ready for the scrutiny of modern life
Self Worth in Leadership (8 to 11 years)
Self worth, self-efficacy and mindfulness are the cornerstones of building confidence, strength and compassion in our young leaders of tomorrow. Through a series of challenges campers learn to work together and to reflect constructively on their attitude and their actions to begin to build ideas about their personal leadership style.
Internship (After having finished Grade 10+ or equivalent exams)
A growing facet of the Les Elfes camp our Internship courses are becoming more competitive and more sought-after each year. Our interns have a staff mentor and responsibilities at the camp. During the day they join their groups to participate in activities but in the evenings, when they wear their Les Elfes uniform. Hands on Work Experience with a mentor monitoring activities for 15+.
Each applicant for the intern programme must complete an application form and an interview to achieve one of the places on the programme .Intern will receive a letter of reference which is a huge value add in college applications.

Mountain Biking

14 years+

Enjoy the exhilaration of gripping the handlebars of a mountain bike and learn how to charge down dirt paths, up steep hills and around challenging obstacles. This technical programme focuses on developing a range of mountain bike techniques on varied terrain.
It is an intensive programme for our eldest students with each session building on the difficulty and intensity of the last to develop a confident and well-rounded technique. The course content will include: An introduction to fundamental bike skills, understanding equipment & safety, developing a dynamic body position for riding & leading others in the mountains.

Bushcraft and First Aid Course

12 years+

If you were stranded on a deserted island or had to spend a week in the wilderness would you have the necessary tools to survive and even thrive? This course combines a certified Emergency 1st Aid course with a combination of survival techniques, shelter construction, navigating in the wild and most importantly teamwork and managing stressful situations. It helps the participant build skills such as adaptability, multi tasking, thinking on your feet, confidence.


8 to 11 years

For our younger campers this spring we have an exciting opportunity to learn new skills using the natural environment surrounding our camp. Students can learn about much more than just map and compass skills! They have the chance to learn to become self-reliant, a responsible member of a team and confident in challenging situations.