Summer Camp Overnight: Why Children Should Attend and Exciting Activity Ideas to Keep them Occupied

A summer camp overnight setting offers the ideal learning environment for kids. If they are going away from home for the first time, kids will get the freedom to have fun, explore, and beat their fears. They will also learn crucial life skills within a nurturing and safe environment.

Sleepaway camps also provide the ideal traditional camp set up to focus on specific academic areas and performing arts. Read on to understand some of the benefits of overnight camps and activities for boys and girls ages 7 to 18. 

What Gains do Overnight Summer Camps Offer

An overnight camp helps your child in different ways. For example, your child gets to interact with and make new friends from various parts of the world.

Is your child is passionate about arts and crafts, backpacking, participating in the YMCA, or even exploring robotics? An excellent overnight camp program can come in handy to help them embrace what they love doing and learn new skills. Here are other reasons why you should send your kid to a summer camp overnight. 

·       Overnight Camps Teach Teamwork

Summer programs require teamwork among the campers regardless of their interests. Learning how to collaborate with team members is a critical life skill. Cooperation helps kids develop various skills like leadership, emotional, and communication. The kids will also discover that working together is an efficient strategy for completing tasks fast.

●      Develops Self-Esteem

Kids get a chance to achieve something during summer day camps. These activities include participating in simple activities like painting or catching fish to complex ones such as completing an ID tech game. The ability to complete activities gives the kids a sense of achievement, which builds their self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a crucial component for both adults and children when it comes to decision making. Remember, you make choices based on how you feel about yourself. High school kids develop self-esteem by taking action, reaping results, and assisting the community. 

●      Kids get a Sense of Purpose

Participating in camp activities like playing sports, dancing, and singing helps campers connect to the community. Not only do they value and appreciate community, but they also develop an interest to bring change. Being involved in community matters gives kids a feeling of belonging, which prevents loneliness while enhancing their overall wellbeing. 

Exciting Summer Camp Overnight Activity Ideas

Whether children are attending camp for one-week or two-week sessions, Les Elfes offers exciting activities for children. Let’s discuss some of them below. 

●      Riflery and Archery

Riflery and archery can give campers a fun camp experience. Campers attending the Les Elfes summer camp get a chance to participate in these activities away from home. These summer camp activities are thrilling for children of different ages.

By participating in riflery and archery, kids develop self-confidence and learn how to be responsible. Children will also collaborate and encourage each other while making new friends and building lasting friendships. Riflery and archery are ideal activities for campers seeking adventurous experiences.

●      Canoeing and Kayaking Expeditions

Kayaking and canoeing are ideal activities for campers seeking to explore the wilderness while marveling at the scenic environment. These activities allow kids to get out of their comfort zone and exercise in adventure-filled locations. Exploring new environments helps campers bond with the surroundings. Kayaking allows campers to develop a sense of freedom and power while trying new things. 

●      Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an exciting and adventurous summer camp activity that kids will enjoy at the Les Elfes international summer camp. If your kids are passionate about exploring the outdoors and watching the sunrise or the beautiful sunsets, horseback riding is ideal.

Campers get an opportunity to interact with animals hands-on while experiencing nature. There are various horseback riding levels based on what you are seeking to achieve. For example, advanced horseback riders have different expectations from riders seeking a leisurely experience. 

●      Climbing Activities

There is a wide range of climbing activities. These include rock climbing, climbing walls, and climbing trees. In rock climbing, campers climb up, across, and down natural or artificial rock formations or walls. This activity aims to arrive at the summit of an establishment without falling or losing balance.

Rock climbing is a demanding activity both mentally and physically. It tests the climber’s endurance, strength, mental control, balance, and agility. Seeing that it can be a dangerous activity, it is ideal for older experienced children only.

Participants should have a basic understanding of using special climbing equipment and applicable climbing techniques. Climbing trees and walls is a simple and thrilling activity for kids. Les Elfes provides campers with all the necessary tools they need to remain safe as they ascend.

●      Ropes Courses

A ropes (Repetitive Obstacle Performance Evaluation System) course is a demanding outdoor activity that promotes team building and personal development. Ropes courses feature high and low elements. 

High elements are mounted on trees or utility poles, and participants need a belay to be safe. Low elements occur above or on the ground. High ropes courses promote the development of problem-solving skills and self-confidence.

Ropes courses come in a wide range of components like the zip line that transforms any participant into a risk-taker. Zip lines allow participants to push their limits to create a memorable experience. Zip lines accommodate participants of different skill levels and ages. 

●      Tubing, Wake Boarding, and Water Sports

Campers at the Les Elfes summer camp can participate in a wide range of water sports. These include banana boating, tubing, and water boarding. Not only are these high-speed activities, but they also give the kids something to discuss later around the dining hall. These activities allow participants to learn new skills while marveling at the fun ride with their peers.

·       Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, also known as MTB, is a bicycle racing sport that usually takes place on rough terrain. Ideal mountain biking locations would be among rocks, in the desert, or mountain. The bikes are great for use under challenging conditions, and campers can hire them from Les Elfes Summer Camp.

Many people across the world participate in mountain biking for recreational purposes. If you are participating in this activity for the first time, choosing the right bike can be difficult. However, our experts will guide you based on your level of experience and what you want to achieve. 

Take Away

  • Allowing your kids to attend sleepaway camps helps them develop excellent life skills.
  • Les Elfes offers numerous summer camp activities for children of different ages.

Visit us now for more summer camp news. 

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