These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their Emotional Intellegence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

The leadership and careers courses at Les Elfes are designed and facilitated by professionals.

Our courses aim to equip our students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and to apply that knowledge when leading others and preparing for the world of work. Managing their expectations, motivations and reflection processes can enable students to further understand the concept of success. It is one thing to learn how to become an organised, calm or articulate individual but to understand the fundamental concepts affecting your experience will allow you to lead others to achieve more.


Optional courses


for 12-14 years

Summer-Camp-Age-007Our leadership programme is split into five main focuses to develop a well-rounded leader:
Adventurous Leaders
Developing bold techniques in Leadership. Daring to be different and applying these skills in Otdoor Adventurous Activities.
Innovative Leaders
Finding creative solutions to challenges and using complex strategies in leadership.
Aspirational Leaders
For those students who are driven to succeed and intend to apply their leadership skills in a business contexts. Setting clear goals to perform above and beyond.
Inspirational Leaders
Using existing experiences to inspire others to achieve their true potential. Guiding othes in new activities, through new experiences and developing the compassion and communication skills to work effectively with others.
Progressive Leaders
Adopting reflective practces and setting clear targets to develop a leadership style which is adaptable and ever-evolving.

for 15-17 years

Our careers programme combines a practical development training model with components designed to equip students for the world of work. We have inspirational guest speakers to enlighten students about the range of different opportunities and paths for reaching their goals and a first aid course, run by a professional trainer, in which students can take away a valid first aid certificate as part of the professional development portfolio for universities or colleges.

Arts & Creativity
for 7-11 years

For our youngest students we offer a diverse range of activities designed to give students the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their creative talent. Our programme combines art classes with a local art school, cooking and food preparation workshops, theatre and improvisation sessions and a chance for public speaking and group presentations to build confidence and team working skills.

Etiquette &
Web Identity

New to Les Elfes… Perfecting your personal brand to become more successful in professional and social situations.
For our students aspiring to run their own business, become directors, CEOs or prominent public figures or to conduct themselves in a confident and comfortable manner in a range of social situations our Etiquette and Web Identity classes are the perfect starting point.

We focus on dining etiquette, first and last impressions and European etiquette for dealing with a range of social encounters.
Interview technique, entering and leaving a conversation gracefully and strategies for managing difficult interactions or finishing the dreaded conversation with the person who never seems to stop talking!
As part of the course we offer dining courses for hosting formal dinners at the prestigious Chalet D’Adrien luxury hotel and restaurant including place settings, modern etiquette for serving and how to avoid some common hospitality faux pas.

A new branch to our personal branding workshops, which makes it a truly modern finishing school experience, is our web identity focus.
In addition to the more traditional arts of finishing school we also focus on managing interactions and movements in the online arena.
It is becoming much easier to access personal information about people through their social networking page and this may be a blessing or a curse depending on how you build your personal online identity.
At Les Elfes we guide students to think about the content which is public and the content which is private to build a respectable online identity.
Social media can be used, with carefully chosen profile pictures, albums and posts to boost you personal brand but, all too often, our students’ social media pages are filled with content that would be discouraging for future employers or even university admissions.