Sunday 10th June, First Summer Camp of 2018 – Welcome Campers

What a crazy start to the summer – We welcomed our first groups of the summer sessions.

The campers have travelled far and wide over the course of the day – so we took a stroll into the nearby village of ‘Verbier’ and endured a quest to find landmarks across the resort. The campers met with locals and tested their skills of team building to find each clue before heading back to camp

Having different students from all over the globe it is interesting for the students to get to know each other over the duration of their stay. We started with icebreakers and name games for the staff and students to get to know each other. These games – tested their skills of social, team work and new experiences.

Having finished `ICE BREAKERS` and the groups are slowly merging together. It was a time for bite to eat and regain their energy for the evening activites.
In the evening the campers worked together to complete team tasks and structured games to increase their team work.

Sun sets ‘ – kids heads down for a fresh day tomorrow here in Verbier.


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