Sunday 16th December Getting the ski legs back!!!

At the Medran campus, this morning the students were woken up but most, if not all, were already ready with their ski gear on excited to start their first day skiing. They all came up for breakfast and helped themselves, piling up their plates with deliscious food such as: toast with jam, fried rice and bowls of cereal.

After stacking their empty plates and bowls, they all went down to their rooms. They picked up their: helmets, goggles, gloves and warm coats. They ran down to put on their boots and grab their skiis. Furthermore, two by two they went outside and waited for their instructors to finish helping the last few kids. They split up into different groups and made their way to the slopes.

For lunch they went to dine an eatery up on the slopes, owned by Les Elfes, to fill up on some more deliscious food provided by our chef. Once they finished eating, they got back on the slopes to enjoy the last part of the skiing day.

Meanwhile at the main campus, both schools enjoyed another fun-filled day of skiing! It snowed last night here in Verbier, so there was plenty of lovely, fresh snow to play in!

At 16.00 they all came back to the campus, put their skis back and took their boots off. They went upstairs to sign up for the different activities and have their mid afternoon snack of hot chocolate and bread. While most of them did activities, others had language classes.

At around 18.30 they all came back from their different activities, they had some time to get ready for dinner which was at 19.00.

After dinner we headed down to the sports centre and spent an hour there playing all sorts of games with and without balls, previously set up by our animation staff. Once we finished all the games, we all went back to the campus and started getting ready for bed.

Once all the kids got into their pyjamas and brushed their teeth, they got into their beds to get a good night’s rest to recharge for another day full of skiing and more activities.