Sunday 1st June 2018 – Languages, Rock Climbing, Pool, Trottenting, Ropes Course

What a fabulous morning here in Verbier. The campers all arose from bed headed off for breakfast to gain energy for their languages and the days activities, once the language courses had ended. The campers set off back to camp for a healthy lunch and chill time before the afternoon activities.

The discoveries travelled down to Sion to take on the ropes course, this really tested their fear of heights and team work. The discoveries really enjoyed this activitiy as it was pushing them to their limits and fears.

The Explorers also tested their fear of heights today with rock climbing down in Sembrancher. The Explorers worked as teams to belay and guide each other up the wall and test their inner fears. The Explorers returned to camp with big smiles on their faces that they had accomplished a challenge and completed it.

The Pioneers set off to go Trottenting down the mountains of Verbier. This really got their adrenaline pumping setting high speeds down the mountain and challenging each other to races.


Once the campers returned from their high speed sports, All campers had time to relax and gain their energy back. It was optionals day for some of our campers. The choices were horse riding, tennis and golf.

Flextime was also spilts with arrange activities for the campers, a few headed off to town, to the pool and stayed at camp to play football or basketball.

The evening was a very chilled one…. The discoveries played La Furer, different challenges against each other winning points for their teams.

The Explorers had banana bbq night – plus a selfie challenge around the campus. This was fun as it showed all of the Explorers working together and trying to beat other teams to impress the monitors.

The Pioneers headed off to dinner in town- a chance for them to try swiss cusine food.

All in all the students had a fantastic day and are now all in bed catching up on sleep for tomrorow adventures


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