Sunday 5th August 2018 – Languages, Olympics Day, Sports Day, Climbing, Hiking…

Active Day

Today was a very hot one. Campers arose from their beds in the morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Then on to languages for all of our campers. The last few days of their courses and we have seen a vast improvement of these classes.

Once languages was finished – it was time to relax and eat some lunch before an active day ahead of them all.

The discoveries – were spilt into 4 teams to compete in their very own mini olympics, water pong, tug of war, mountain bike relay races and many many more…


The explorers – set off for an adventure into the unknown, they were taken to the top of Savoleyre region, the monitors provided them with a map and a time – they had to organise, navigate and orienteer there whole team down the mountain in a specific time.


The pioneers – went off to Mouvoisin climbing area today, to test their limits on heights and to work as a team to belay each other… The campers worked extremely hard to focus on one anothers ability and gave great encouragement to one another.


All campers came back to refresh their bodies and relax before flexi time and dinner.

Campers took on different activites tonight, the discoveries played the infamous game of the cube. Challenge each other to the max, games using coordination, speed and team work.

The explorers had a mixture of dining out and escape rooms – rooms they have to escape in less that 60 minutes…

The pioneers – Took part in casino night, relaxed with the monitors – challenging them to different games and placing small bets on each game to win an overall prize at the end of the week.

All in all campers are all in bed ready for optionals day!






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