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Sunday 6th January: Ski Day, Casino Night, Escape Rooms and Sport Center!

All the kids arrived jet lagged so a few fell asleep straight away while the rest struggled to sleep last night. This morning there were some tired faces coming up for breakfast. They all ate plenty of pancakes and then went down to either finish getting ready or to get ski fitted. Slowly but surely everyone lached onto their instructors and made their way to the slopes. After skiing they made their way back group by group to a cup of hot chocolate and snacks. Then some went to language classes down at the Verbier Language School, while the others relaxed and continued getting to know each other.   Some also had the opportunity to ice skate for the first time, to bake amazing cookies or to do shopping in Verbier.

Following that, dinner was served, ending the day with a great meal. The last bit of excitement of the day was the Casino Night, Escape Rooms and the Sport Center. Bed time approached and all the kids snuggled into their beds. The tiredness hit those who were sleepless last night hard, hopefully allowing them to get a full nights sleep in. 

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