Sunday 8th of July. Arrivals Day!

Another sunny day welcomed the students of Session 4 to the stunning Les Elfes Verbier! Throughout the day the Les Elfes staff welcomed around 100 new students, resulting in 120 kids on campus, giving us the largest session of this summer!

While the new students where arriving, the students staying from last session enjoyed a relaxing day at the pool. They then returned to camp at 3 pm to meet the new students. By this time most of the new kids had arrived, found their rooms and where relaxing, either playing games (football, basketball, volleyball) outside or playing board games inside. 

The Verbier hunt then began, where groups of children, accompanied by staff went to explore Verbier Village, giving the new students the opportunity to familiarize with the town that will be their home for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

They then return back to camp for meetings in the three groups, Discoveries, Explorers and Pioneers. After learning the rules of the camp and meeting their group monitors the kids enjoyed an amazing meal.

Finally the day ended with the new groups of Discoveries, Explorers and Pioneers playing team building games to get to know everyone. After an energetic 2 hours the students went off to bed, ready for a good night sleep to prepare for an exciting day tomorrow.

Let Session 4 commence!

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