Sunday 8th – Ski Fitting, Skiing/Boarding, Aft Act, The Cube at camp; Sports Centre

The first morning of the week is always a little hectic for the new campers not only are they getting of jet-lag they are also getting used to the busy Les Elfes Routine. However, the campers enthusiasm was high to get out onto the slopes, especially due to the beautiful weather we have been having.

After the awesome day shredding on the mountain, the campers returned to camp welcomed by hot chocolate and everyone’s favorite Nutella and bread. This also gave them the chance to chose their afternoon activity for the first time, their choices were:

Once afternoon activities such as visiting the lovely village of Verbier and languages  finished the campers had a delicious shrimp curry to fill them with some more energy for the evening activities. For BIS Phuket and IBStock they had The Cube for the evening, a set of physical challenges from ‘The Plank Challenge’ to ‘Blind Pathway’. For French International School, individuals and AIS Malaysia they had the sports center for the evening, this comprises of hockey, football, and basketball.

As expected the campers were tired after their first day on the mountain and all had a deserved sleep.