11th August – Aqua Park, Bridge Swinging, Lazer Tag and Prize Giving

For a lot of our campers it was sadly their last day at les elfes but we’ve definitely ended on a high! For our discovery and explorers they were straight off to the Aqua Park and had an amazing time splashing around, chilling in the lazy river and whizzing down the slides. Our Pioneers pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and loved bridge swinging and a hike to the waterfall! After they got competitive in a game of lazer tag.

This evening after packing we had an emotional goodbye to all our children at our prize giving but did give out a lot of prizes!! We had most improved campers, star campers and winners of all our games. Well done everyone, we hope you’ve all had an amazing time and we hope to see you again soon!


21st June – Languages, Sports Day, Aqua Park, Hiking & Disco!!

We kicked off today with our intensive and conversational languages and as they have been attending classes for a week and a half now everyone is really improving and their teachers are super impressed with their progression.

After our yummy BBQ lunch outside in the sunshine it was time to shoot off for our daily activities. Our youngest group the Discoveries went on an adventurous hike up the mountain to a beautiful view point and played some team building games. For our Explorers, they had an exciting sports day down in valley which included Mountain Biking, …….. Our oldest group hit the road and headed for the Aqua Park. They all had great fun whizzing down the slides and taking a dip in the lake.

Tonight we all ventured into town for our local disco which everyone enjoyed. We had some classic tunes and a lot of dancing with plenty of smiling faces. A great day all round. Only a few days left here for our campers so bring on tomorrow!!

5th May – Mountain Biking, Basketball, Aqua Park, Leadership and Journalism

Today was our groups final day in Verbier before they head to Zermatt for their final week. We’ve had such a jam packed, exciting week here and today was no exception. We started the day with our optional activities which included Journalism, Leadership and Mountain Biking. All our children have excelled this week and today we reviewed what we had learnt and put it into practice. We are super impressed with their level of knowledge and proud of all their achievements.

After a lovely BBQ lunch outside in the sunshine the children grabbed their swim suits, jumped on our coach and were heading off for the Aqua Park. They absolutely loved whizzing down all the slides, racing each other and splashing around in the wave pool. They returned to camp full of excitement and chatting about how fast the slides were and which on was their favourite. Unfortunately it was time to pack as they are all going to Zermatt tomorrow where they will start their Ski week. After a long day it is now time to rest and get some well needed sleep.

Wednesday 23rd September – Aqua park, Ropes course

Aqua park day! Kids are so exited to spend some time on slides and bubble baths.

Day started with good breakfast for everyone, but as soon as it was finished monitors didn’t have to wait for too long until everyone where packed for fun water activities! Once teachers made sure kids had all necessary it was time to leave.

Kids had so much fun – water pirate ship, slides, lazy rivers and many more fun activities. All of that made kids hungry, so when it was lunch time everyone could finally rest, but just for a while as  the next activity promised to be  great fun as well!

Ropes course made kids challenge themselves and their classmates. They where hanging in tree and jumping from one platform to another like little monkeys. Zip lining were their all time favorite!!

One everyone came back to camp it was time to rest and have a shower after a long day full of fun activities. But day isnt over just yet, there is still time for evening activity- Boys vs. Girls!

Good night and see you all tomorrow with more good new from camp!

Mountain huts, canoe trips and a fun afternoon in the aqua park

Today the discoveries woke up nice and early and had a fun activity designing and building a new brand of breakfast cereals. The came up with a brand name then set about designing the box. After this they played a few games including catch …. With eggs!! Then we set off for the aqua park. We broke the kids into small groups and accompanied them as we whizzed around the shoots! I’m not sure who had more fun them or me being led by them!! Thanks guys!!
This evening they have arts and crafts or mask making whichever they decide they want to do.

The Explorers set off nice and early to begin the canoe trip, after a wet paddle down the lake they reached their campsite with a nice break in the weather to get the tents up and stay dry! I’m told everyone has been enjoying themselves though! This evening they will be playing camp games and a sing along with the guitar.

Our Pioneers set off late morning for the mountain hut. They had a two hour hike up through the beautiful forest with views of lake Geneva. Once they reached the hut standing on the shores of a wonderful crystal blue lake they unpacked and picked their bunks. They have camp games and guitar songs tonight so I’m sure they will have a nice evening.

I look forward to hearing about the expeditions tomorrow and will be sure to keep you up to date.









Sports day, ropes course, aqua park and dancing the night away in a disco!!

This morning our campers all woke up nice and early ready for their language courses. All the teachers are talking about how well the students are doing. That their all engaged in their lessons. All the staff here are very proud of them all.

Discovery – this afternoon our discovery group went to a different ropes course and all had a great time again, lots of smilie faces graced the camp this evening.

Explorers – During the afternoon the explorers had our sports day. We took them to a 9 hole pitch and put golf course, tennis practice, some football and basketball as well. They all returned pretty wet as it was drizzling a little while playing golf. They all played well and put in a lot of effort though so everyone was pleased to see them making the most of the wet afternoon.

Pioneers – The pioneers grabbed their swimming trunks and headed off to the aqua park this afternoon. Their are many water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool for the campers to enjoy the afternoon in.

Tonight they all got dressed into their best clothes and set off for a private disco in town. The staff returning have commented on how happy everyone was and every single one of them were busting some moves on the dance floor!