31st March – Arrival + Departure Day, mini excursion, skiing

Time flies as we head into April, and what a last day of March it was today, lots of students leaving, but even more arriving as we head into probably one of the most busiest weeks in the season so far!

Our students that are staying for another week had the choice of skiing or venturing out of the Verbier bubble to Martigny to partake in some shopping and a bit of bowling, which they highly enjoyed. Our keen skiers, decided they didn’t want a day off to relax but wanted to hit the slopes to improve their techniques.

Our new arrivals, had lots of fun doing ski fit and clothes fit, to ensure they had the right equipment for their stay, but also loads of fun enjoying the fresh snow. Some of our students, as like most weeks have never seen snow before, so was a delight for them, especially as it was acutally snowing when the arrived!!

The evening was very relaxing and time for all the students to get an early night, as most have travelled far and wide to get to camp. Although very excited about the week ahead, was a quiet camp by the early hours of the evening as most campers crept off to bed ready for the fun packed week ahead on camp.


New Arrivals for Winter 2017

The start of the Winter season has begun with not only the arrival of a massive dump of snow but also the arrival of our first school from Spain!

A busy afternoon of ski fitting and settling into campus for our campers, followed by a walk into town. All campers are energetic ready to get on the slope, so much so they were all asking if they could go skiing tonight! After having a yummy dinner, the campers unpacked and then it was time for movie night. A quiet night to relax before the jam packed week of skiing and animation activites during the afternoon and evening!

It’s going to be an amazing first week at Les Elfes Verbier!



Sunday 9th July – Excursion, Arrival day, verbier hunt & team building games

It is the start of summer session three here and a busy arrival day! It has been exciting to see some familiar faces and has been great to welcome our new campers. We walked into Verbier town this afternoon to have a look round and played lots of games at camp. This evening we did some team building games which was good fun and a great way to start to get know our students. Everyone has been super positive and is mixing in really well, all the staff are really excited to get to know the groups and start all the activities!

Thursday 17th May – Arrival day Verbier

kArrival day today!

The students arrived for our first day of spring camp. Such an exciting time for everyone. As the sun was shinning and the snow was waiting the students flooded out of the buses one by one with glorious smiles and exciting spirits.

The students were distributed their rooms and key and sat down for a warm lunch. After lunch we introduced the team at Les Elfes and went on to explain our house rules.

Once the rules were done we organized the students for ski fitting and clothing fitting. The students brought gloves, google, socks and sun cream ready for their first adventure of the slopes.

After the ski fitting we gathered the students are afternoon tea, hot chocolate and bread. Followed our adventurous “verbier hunt” the students were keen to explore and look around their new village.

Upon their return we served a beautiful hot dinner cooked from our chefs, then we watched a calming movie and played quite games. Our youngest students went off the bed and prepared for the next day


11th March – Departure Day, Arrival Day, Ski Fit, Verbier Hunt, Movie Night

Today has been a busy day with plenty of departures and arrivals. It was sad to say goodbye to our school from Dubai as we’ve had a great week getting to know them all but we were all excited to welcome our new schools and individuals.

After a quick welcome speech we were straight into action, getting the children ski fitted and ready for their first big day on the mountain. A lot of the children also had the chance to explore Verbier village and enjoy a hot chocolate in the afternoon.

Tonight after a long day, we chilled out watching a movie and had an early night.



4th March – Skiing, Snowboarding, Departure day and Arrival day.

We said a sad goodbye to many of our schools on camp today and most of our individuals. We had an amazing week with them but it was now time to welcome a new school and individuals. After a long day of travelling, they still arrived with plenty of excitement and to the pleasant surprise of falling snow! After ski fitting they were straight outside having fun and games in the snow. For our existing school, they had their first day on the mountain and did amazingly. They have already impressed their instructors and are learning fast. Well done guys.

Tonight we had a mixture of activities. We had a chilled evening with movies and games for our new arrivals whilst our other school put their brains to the test with a Who Wants To Be a Millionaire game show. It’s now time for an early night, ready for a big day tomorrow.

21st January – Departure & Arrival Day, Skiing, Bowling & Movie Night

So today has been an emotional day for a lot of us here at camp as we have had many individuals leaving us who had been with us for one or two weeks. There were a lot of tears but it is great to know that so many friendships have been formed and lovely to see that they’re going to keep in touch with each other. However, we did have a lot of new arrivals today and everyone is getting to know each other over games of Uno, Cards and Jungle speed, whilst others are chilling out watching a movie.

During the day, our existing individuals had the option to go bowling and have a break from the mountain. Everyone had great fun and there were a few competitive games. The others chose not to have a break and continued to work on their technique as skiers and snowboarders and it was a lovely day to do so, with the sun shining and not a cloud in sight.

All our new arrivals have been kitted out with all their equipment needed for their first day on the mountain, and for some it is their first time on real snow! With exciting times ahead a lot of campers are having an early night ready to get up and go tomorrow.

Saturday 8th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrival Day & Games

Today has been an extremely busy day with plenty of departures and arrivals. It was so sad to see nearly all of our campers leave as we had the best week with them. However, it has been a super exciting day getting to know all our new arrivals who are kean to get out skiing tomorrow. They have been kitted up with all the gear they need to hit the slopes including ski jackets and of course their ski’s and snowboards. After this there was plenty of free time to start getting to know each other playing games of Pool, Table Tennis, Uno and Table Football. This evening we finished off with a chilled out Movie, ready for a long day of fun on the mountain tomorrow.

For those that are staying another week were back out on the mountain in the beautiful sunshine enjoying good snow conditions on piste. The Instructors were very impressed with how all their children are getting on and have improved enormously from the start. Good job to everyone and we’re sure they’re going to keep up the hard work!

Sunday 18th – Skiing, Arrival Day & Ice Skating

A very busy day of arrivals here at Les Elfes, but it has been lovely welcoming our new Individuals to camp and getting to know them over dinner. Everyone has been kitted with their ski and snowboard gear and raring to get out and hit the slopes tomorrow. For some of them it will be their first time and everyone seems very excited.

For some of our existing Individuals and our school on site they enjoyed a day on the mountain in the sunshine and tonight they headed over to the sports centre tonight to have a go at Ice Skating. It has been a great evening and you can tell the children thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the mini game of ice hockey at the end.

For others, it has been an early night so they can make the most of their jam packed day od excitement tomorrow

Saturday 10th December – Arrival day, bowling, movie night

Today our individuals had the chance to lie in and rest before visiting the town Martigny. We had a couple of good games of bowling and then enjoyed some crepes! After a full stomach we had a look round the shops and town – a chance to buy some souvenirs and gifts. Back at Les Elfes we said goodbye to our first school and then welcomed our new guests into camp. This week we have schools from Singapore, Dubai & Nigeria. Once settled in it was time for ski fit to get everyone their ski’s and boots. Other groups headed to Verbier town to look around while some played in the games room. Tonight we are going to have a chilled night watching a movie as many are very tired from travelling. Everyone is looking forward to their first day skiing tomorrow.

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Friday 26th – Departure & Arrival Day, Skiing, Movie Night!

Today, it has been very sad to see some of our lovely students leave us. After a great week or two with us, it was time for them to pack their bags and say their goodbyes to some great friends made during their stay as well as their instructors and monitors. We hope you have had  great time and hopefully see you back at les elfes soon!

On the other hand though, we have been super busy all day with the arrivals of new schools and individuals which is very exciting and marks a new week. After a speedy ski fit, ensuring they are all ready for their first day on the slopes tomorrow, the students had the chance to chill out and relax at les elfes as well as visiting the local village, to get to know their new surroundings. Outside, we had a good game of volleyball, making the most of the beautiful blue sky and sunshine in Verbier. This evening, they then had the chance to wind down with a movie in our cinema room, or catch an early night after a very long day of travelling.

For one school that had arrived the day before, they had the pleasure of getting out on to the mountain and taking part in their first ski lessons of the week! For those that are new to the sport, headed to les essert, the beginner slope to get to grips with being on skies and learning the basic moves. It has been an extremely hot day here, so jackets came off as the students tried hard to take in all the information from their enthusiastic ski instructors. After a lovely lunch outdoors, some of the groups were already heading up higher, to challenge themselves even further, impressing us all.

Our individual students had a slightly different day today, as they have already been here a week. They made the most of a mini lie in, a well deserved treat for all of them, and after lunch they made their way to Martigny for a competitive game of bowling. All the students had great fun, and enjoyed a break from the slopes, where they could chill out with their friends and have a good laugh. Back at camp they were joined by our new campers and have headed off to their chalets for a good nights sleep before hitting the mountain for a second week!

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March 19th – Arrival day, Ski fit, Town, Snow Activities and Movie Night

It’s been a busy day today with plenty of departures and arrivals. It was sad to say goodbye to the children that left but it has been great fun getting to know all our new students who will be joining us for a week or two!

We kicked off the day with ski fitting, to ensure everyone is equipped and ready for their first day on the mountain. Everyone is hugely excited about hitting the slopes, and it sounds as though we are going to have some good skiers among us, as well as a few first timers. After getting everything sorted, we headed in to Verbier village, to show them all the main attractions and places to shop and eat. The sun was shining, so it was a beautiful walk surrounded by beautiful scenery. Back at Les Elfes the children were excited to get outside and play in the snow, as they don’t see much of it in their home countries. We had a snow man competition as well as a few snow ball fights for a laugh.

After a delicious dinner, some students chose to watch a movie and chill out downstairs whilst others with more energy played table tennis and table football. It definitely got quite competitive at times. We can see the students already mixing together well and getting to know each other which is great to see. For some who had been travelling all day, the exhaustion took over and there were some early nights in camp, meaning they will be on top form tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

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February 1st – Arrival Day, Skiing, Snowboarding, Music Video and Dine Out

This morning we were all up bright and early and ready for another days skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. After breakfast everyone headed up to the top to keep practicing their parallel turns in the beautiful sunshine. Lots of new skills have been learnt today which is great news. Late this morning, we had a new arrival from Geneva who were quick to drop their bags off and shot up to join the rest on the mountain. Some enjoyed a ski off to see which groups they will be placed in during the week whilst others hit the slopes and impressed their new instructors massively! We are in for a good week of skiing.

Everyone came back to Les Elfes with rosey cheeks after hard work in the sunshine. This afternoon we had lots of games taking place, with competitive games of Uno, Cards and Dobble.

This evening after dinner our school group rocked it out in our music video to Uptown Funk and put on a great performance. They are all looking forward to seeing the end result. Our individuals got ready for a chance to dine out in town, which they all loved.

January 24th – Skiing, Snowboarding, Arrival Day, Excursion & Ice Skating

Today we had a very busy morning here in Les Elfes with lot’s of individuals and school groups hitting the slopes for their first morning of skiing and snowboarding. With the sun shinning brightly, most of the children headed to the beginners slope to start learning the basic skills needed for when they head to the mountain soon. They all had great fun learning off their instructors and we have had positive feedback here at camp, ensuring us they are improving quickly which is great news. For our individuals who have been here a few weeks, they went straight up to the top, to work on their parallel turns, and even had the chance to race down the ski cross course.

Today we have also had a new school arrive all the way from China. Once landed, the group headed straight off to Bern to pay a visit to the great History Museum there and after a lovely picnic lunch they had some time for sightseeing and shopping. Back at camp, we got them quickly checked in so they could sit down, relax and enjoy hot chocolate and snacks.

Tonight, everyone has had the chance to go Ice Skating and they have all returned with smiles on their faces. It was a great experience for them and a good chance to meet new people on the ice. Some even attempted a friendly game of ice hockey.


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Arrival Day, Excursion Day & Movie Night

Today has been a busy morning with plenty of departures and it was sad to see everyone go. We have had a great week with everyone and lots of fun memories have been made. For those that were staying a further week or two, took a trip to Martigny for some shopping and sightseeing. Some groups braved the not so nice conditions and headed up the mountain but still came back with big smiles on their faces which was great to see. Back at Les Elfes we have had many new arrivals and it has been very exciting to get to know them all already with a few fun activities and games.They have all settled in nicely and it is now time for a well deserved dinner.

Tonight is Movie night, a chance for everyone to chill out and relax ready for another busy day tomorrow. It will be a lot of people’s first day on the slopes which everyone can’t wait for and the instructors are excited to get back out there.




Monday 28th September 2015 – arrival day, team games, treasure hunt

Hello everyone! We are so excited to welcome new group to our camp!

Everyone has arrived just in time for lunch, but after that kids where introduced with camp rules and expectations. After introducing everyone with our staff members it was time for some team games  and treasure hunt. Afternoon was filled with different team building games; we where impressed to see how well kids coordinated assignments within their teams and communicated to reach the goal!

More fun to fallow in the evening when Bin Bag fashion show will take place 🙂

See you all tomorrow with more insight on how kids are doing and which activities they are participating.

Monday 21st- arrival day, team games, treasure hunt

Beautiful sunny morning here in Verbier! We are getting ready to welcome new group of students to spend this week with us.

Students arrived just in time for lunch. After quick check in everyone gathered in dinning room for lunch and welcome speech where they got introduced with our rules and expectations for the week. It was time for something more fun after unpacking like treasure hunt and team games in the afternoon.

Straight after lunch kids where ready for some fun! Outdoor activities where just time for such a sunny day! Kids absolutely loves team games and where getting competitive once they where divided in teams, but teams mates encouraged each other all the way thru challenges.

After dinner kids gather to play bin bag fashion show!

Monday 7th September 2015 – Arrival day, Team games, Ice skating

We are excited to welcome  another great group to our camp! It is a beautiful day for some outdoor activities.

After arriving, checking in to the rooms and having some time to unpack kids where ready for lunch  -after a long way they where hungry. Kids where introduced with camp rules and after welcome speech it was time for some fun! Kids absolutely loved team games and where working really well together! In the afternoon everyone went to Ice skating – time to play games on the ice! After putting on helmets and ice skates kids when to ice with no fear and started to show their skills. For some it was a bit harder, but there was a big support team and friends who could teach how to ice skate properly!

Great fun today, but it is just the first day! See you all tomorrow with more exciting news!