Sunday 12th Aug 2018 – Arrival Day, Welcome to Les Elfes, Team building games, Carnival, Town visit

Today we welcomed our last session of the summer 2018. With over 30 new campers  from 15 different nationalities and some students from our previous session, we started our day at 8:30am. Campers arrived throughout the day, but for those who were here from the early morning, we had a wonderful trip to La Chaux for the Fete de Famile. Fete de Famile is a festival that happens once every year, a family festival. The kids got to do many different activities with live music, food and games. Campers also got the oppotunity to go to a circus, whos acrobats were kids,  it was part of the festival.

While some campers were at the festival, staff was getting ready to recieve the new arrivals. Children started arriving at Les Elfes from a very early time until 21:00. The kids got the chance to go for a visit to town and bought some snacks and souveniers from verbier, while getting to know each other. Meanwhile in camp, campers kept arriving and getting a warm welcome from kids and staff. Some of the kids were exploring and making use of our internet room, football pitch, games room, etc..

Smiles and laughter struck Verbier when the majority of campers arrived and at 18:30 they got together at the football pitch for the welcome speech. Sandy, the resort manager, explained what was going to happen during the two weeks, after giving them a warm welcome. They got to know all the staff and got all the information needed to start with their wonderful experience at Les Elfes.

After the welcome speech, at dinner time, the kids were helping themselfs with some pasta and meatballs while getting to know all the interesting cultures that had arrived to Les Elfes.

Later that day we played some team building games, for the kids to get to know the staff and each other better. Campers were exited and having fun, creating new memories and friendships that will last forever.

First day in camp is always exiting, but it is also difficult sometimes for the kids. New places, new faces can sometimes be scary and going home might seem like the best way to deal with it, but when they start making friends and living the Les Elfes expereince, nothing can erase the smile from their faces.














More Pictures from arrival day

Saturday 8th April – Arrival day, skiing, escape rooms & movie night

Another beautiful Saturday here in Verbier where we are all ready to welcome our final schools and individual campers for the Winter season. Our remaining students headed up the mountain with their instructors for another day of learning and improving technique.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to one school this morning who left for excursion before going to the airport. They have been a fantastic group and we hope to see them again next year. This afternoon we checked in our new schools and had ski fit so they are now all equiped and ready to go tomorrow. Some individuals also went out for a relaxing walk up the mountain and enjoyed the view of Verbier.

This evening we had a chilled movie night on camp and games as many of our new arrivals had a tiring day travelling. Everyone is super excited ready for the first day tomorrow.


Saturday 1st April – Arrivals, Verbier Hunt, skiing, Torchlight Walk

It has been a busy but fun day here at camp in Verbier. Some of our new campers headed off this morning for their first day on the mountain. They were eager to get out and meet their instructors who were just as keen to meet their new group for the week. They all had lots of fun and the ones who are beginners picked it up really quickly.

We had some new schools and individuals arrive this afternoon, many returning from last year which is great to see. They all completed their ski fit before heading into the village to have a look round. Its the Free Ride World Tour this weekend so it was nice having a look round all the stalls and take in the busy atmosphere. Tonight it was a torchlight walk around the old village for one school while the rest enjoyed a chilled night with a movie and games. Everyone is super excited for tomorrow so it was an early bed time to get the all important rest.


Saturday 4th February – Arrivals, skiing, Verbier hunt & chilled night

More snow has arrived which is fantastic news for our new campers this week. Those skiing today enjoyed the snow and did well in the conditions they were in. We have had lots of arrivals through out the day, all are now settling in and being ski fitted ready to get out on the slopes tomorrow.

Tonight is going to be a chilled night playing games and watching a movie as many have had a long day travelling. Everyone is extremely happy and we are all looking forward to a brilliant week!