Saturday 9th March 2019 – Arrival Day

Today was the arrival of our individuals on camp, we also had a couple of individuals that are staying with us for another week of skiing which is really lovely to see. The weather this week is meant to bring us lots of snow in Verbier which will be amazing. The individuals that stayed on camp went skiing/snowboarding and the new arrivals prepared themselves for the fun filled week ahead….

Monday 4th September – Rock Climbing, Team Games and Music Video

We were all delighted to welcome our new school group this morning and take them down to Sembrancher to do some rock climbing and team games. The children did brilliant and many reached the top of the wall quickly! We also had lots of welcome games to get to know the children and learn their names. Everyone was super lively and really enthusiastic which is great to see.

This afternoon all our campers settled into their rooms before having some free time playing football, table tennis and pool. We ended the evening with a music video where in groups they performed their own dance choreography to a piece of music. We will see the finished project at the end of the week!


30.07.17 – Arrivals, Verbier Hunt, Team Games

It has been a super fun day here at camp.  Our existing campers headed up to MtFort to look at the view which they all enjoyed and then went to the forest to do some fire building and various challenges. We also welcomed our new arrivals today and spent the afternoon playing games and in town having a look around Verbier. This evening we enjoyed playing some team building games with the groups to get to know each other. It is great to see everyone start to mingle and see friendships emerging!

Sunday 25th – Arrival day, verbier hunt, team building games

It has been a very busy day on camp with all our staff welcoming the new arrivals. It is great to see children from all over the world here and everyone is starting to mix really well which is good. We played lots of games throughout the day and then visited verbier village this afternoon. On the way round the groups filled in a quiz to learn a bit more about Verbier itself.

This evening we did lots of team building exercises and games to get to know each other which was lots of fun! It was a chance to learn names, have a laugh and have a run around.

Everyone is now in bed getting some rest for tomorrows activities!

Sunday 9th April – Ski camp, village, relaxing walk & Ice skating

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Verbier with lots going on for our new groups. It was the schools first day on the mountain and they were all super excited to get out and meet their instructors for the week. They all got on really well and were very happy with the progress made.

On return to camp we welcomed our campers back with hot chocolate and snacks and signed them up for optional activities this afternoon. Some opted to go on a relaxing walk up the mountain where as the rest headed into town to check out the shops.

Tonight we welcomed one more arrival who were ski fitted and then had a movie night to chill and relax. The rest of camp visited the ice rink for some fun skating around and a game of ice hockey! It has been a brilliant day and we are all looking forward to tomorrows activities.

Departures and arrivals

Today we saw most of our campers leave for home. We wish them all safe travels as they make their way. We had a few new arrivals come in today, all eagerly anticipating the coming weeks activities. Tomorrow will see over 80 more campers arrive so were all looking forward to the new faces around camp.

Hear are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks














Arrivals, Nature hike and Team building

A new small group of arrivals today. After arriving, the students were given their rooms and were given a little time to unpack before check in. After check in everyone gathered together in the dining room to have a welcome speech, explaining all of the rules of the campus and that they all would be going on a nature hike. After dinner everyone gathered outside to participate ins some team building games before returning inside just before bed time.