3rd January – Skiing/Snowboarding/Baking/Rock Climbing/Disco

Today the weather was a bit miserable for the campers as there was a massive snow storm that hit Verbier. This did not discourage the campers, as even though they had to come back to camp a tiny bit early, they were still all smiling and wanted to ski/snowboard more, which is always amazing to see.

When they returned, there were lots of choices of activities, from baking, rock climbing, games or just chilling with friends on camp.

In the evening we went into town for our mid-week DISCO, which was amazing! All the students got involved and showed us their moves on the dance floor…

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Tuesday April 4th 2017 Escape Rooms, Chalet Night, Torchlight Walk

Today was another awesome day here at Les Elfes and campers made sure they made the most of the great weather and snow.
All the groups headed out to practice all the skills they have been learning over the past days and a lot of the groups have progressed from the magic carpet to the big slopes now hitting blues and reds and really toning their skills.
This afternoon after relaxing over hot chocolate and snacks the campers all signed up for various afternoon activities some got to go try their luck escaping from the Verbier escape rooms, some baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies, some visited the village for some shopping and crepes, others had their language courses and some stayed at les elfes and played games.
Tonight all of the campers who live in the Chalet got to enjoy their at the chalet and hang out their for the night.
The rest of the campers after dinner went on a awesome torchlight walk up the mountain to check out the stars and  others participated in the cube which is a bunch of different games to beat the clock.
Everyone here is now off to bed to catch up on some sleep for the big day to come tomorrow.


Crans Montana. Tuesday 4th April.

Day 3 with are new campers in Crans Montana. The sun was shining and the snow was excellent. All the groups have done amazing with the beginner groups mastering how to turn and stop on the magic carpet, whilst the advanced groups are learning how to carve on red runs.

The campers came back for snacks and hot chocolate this afternoon. We then went to the cinema in Crans to see the new Beauty and Beast film, which all the campers loved they even cheered at the end. We then came back for a delicious dinner at les Elfes with a table football competition where all the campers got competitive.

Sunday 02.04.17- Skiing, Snowboarding,Games, Swimming, Baking,Town, Music Video, Ice Skating

Today it snowed up the mountain so a lot of campers were very pleased about that as some of them it was their first time up the mountain. The campers on the beginners slopes really enjoyed their day and are improving already.

In the afternoon we had many different activities to chose from. Two groups did baking and they made some lovely cookies and brownies which got eaten for dessert after dinner. Some campers chose to stay on camp and play lots of board games, cards and in the games room. Some campers even chose to go to the local swimming pool and have a nice relaxing swim.

After dinner we slit into two groups. One group got the chance to produce a music video where they split into smaller groups and came up with some fantastic dance moves which will be edited and they will all see it at the end of the week at prize giving. The other half of the campers went ice skating at the local ice rink and had loads of fun and they even got the chance to watch and play a bit of ice hockey.

Everyone is really looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday 26th March – Skiing, baking, town & ice skating

It has been a wonderful first day for our new arrivals as they settle into camp. This morning they met their instructors for the first time and were introduced to the rest of their ski or snowboard  group. Everyone new to skiing went along to the beginner slope where they practiced putting skis on and off. Afterwards it was time to learn how to stop and do snow plow. The more experienced riders explored Verbier mountain and practiced improving their technique.

Everyone had a really fun day and returned to camp with smiley faces and lots of stories. This afternoon one school headed into Verbier town to have a look round while another group baked some delicious cookies! This evening we all went to the ice rink to do some skating and ice hockey before having a cup of hot chocolate back at Les Elfes.

Everyone is super excited to head back out tomorrow.



Crans – Montana. Sunday, 26th March.

We have all had an amazing first day skiing with all are new campers in Crans Montana. Everyone was woken up at 7.30 am to enjoy a filling breakfast and to get ready for the first day of skiing. All the new campers where split into 5 ski groups with 2 beginner groups. The beginner groups went to the magic carpet, where they learnt how to snow plow with some managing to parallel turn by the end of the day, whilst the other three intermediate ski groups explored the rest mountain and started to improve their individual ski technique ; even though the weather conditions where slightly foggy today all the ski groups managed amazingly well.

After skiing everyone came back for snacks and hot chocolate. This afternoons activity was Bin bag fashion show where all the campers split into 4 groups and made a costume based on the theme animal kingdom, we had a killer mouse, Tarzan, sausage dog and a narwhale. Following on from this we had a delicious dinner and then went bowling, which all the kids enjoyed with many of them getting strikes.  Everyone can not wait for Skiing tomorrow.   

Wednesday 22.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking,Town,La Fureur, Fashion Show, Chalet night

Today we welcomed lots of new campers and sadly said goodbye to some others. The new campers went straight up the mountain and had a great first day. Everyone came back and signed up for many different activities. Lots of campers chose to go to town to the Milk bar for milkshakes and crepes and also do a bit of shopping. Many other campers chose to do some baking and they made some very yummy brownies which they ate for pudding.

After dinner half the campers did a music game show called La fureur which they all eally enjoyed and got very involved with. The individuals had a chalet night where they got the chance to make their own dinner and play some chilled games. The older ones chilled in the games room and played pool and table tennis and also watched a movie to chill out. The younger campers had a bin bag fashion show where they designed their own costumes and performed them down a catwalk.

Very busy day here on camp and everyone looking forward to tomorrow.

Monday 20.03.17 – Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking, Shopping, Swimming & Music Video

Today was an awesome day here at Les Elfes the sun has been shining all day and we also welcomed a new school to camp. They arrived and went straight up the mountain to make the most of the lovely weather and soft snow. All the other campers headed up the mountain early this morning and improving all their skills and constantly challenging themselves which is making the instructors very happy

In the afternoon the campers signed up for various activities from, baking, swimming, games both inside and outside and heading into town.

After dinner all the campers participated in a Music Video, where they were split into groups and had to choreograph a part of a song which they are super excited to see come the end of the week.
Everyone here is off to bed now to catch up on some sleep before the big day tomorrow.

Sports day, ropes courses and rock climbing

Today we had all groups do their language lessons and optional activities in the morning.

After lunch the Discoveries hopped on the mini busses and took a short ride to sion for the high ropes course. The kids got their harnesses on and were climbing around the trees like monkeys after some early nerves.

The explorers also squeezed into harnesses and went to the outdoor climbing wall in verbier! The group leader commented that one of the students was the best climber he has seen all summer!

Our pioneers had a sports day today, so hit the tennis, volleyball courts and the golf centre. Some practiced their driving and some had a putting contest.

This evening we had our popular clubs night where the campers can choose what activities they want to do. We had some baking, dancing, sports, building things, photography, and acting class. I can confirm from the baking that the cookies are good and the ice cream was smooth and creamy.