21st January – Departure & Arrival Day, Skiing, Bowling & Movie Night

So today has been an emotional day for a lot of us here at camp as we have had many individuals leaving us who had been with us for one or two weeks. There were a lot of tears but it is great to know that so many friendships have been formed and lovely to see that they’re going to keep in touch with each other. However, we did have a lot of new arrivals today and everyone is getting to know each other over games of Uno, Cards and Jungle speed, whilst others are chilling out watching a movie.

During the day, our existing individuals had the option to go bowling and have a break from the mountain. Everyone had great fun and there were a few competitive games. The others chose not to have a break and continued to work on their technique as skiers and snowboarders and it was a lovely day to do so, with the sun shining and not a cloud in sight.

All our new arrivals have been kitted out with all their equipment needed for their first day on the mountain, and for some it is their first time on real snow! With exciting times ahead a lot of campers are having an early night ready to get up and go tomorrow.

Wednesday 26th August 2015 – Languages, Fun Planet, Bowling

Another beautiful day here in Verbier started with language classes, but kids were more exited about going to Fun planet after lunch which promised to be great fun!

Straight after languages and lunch kids were ready for adventure! Their afternoon started with Lase Tag which is team activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a special targeting device. After instructions kids were ready to play! They got divided in 2 teams  and fallow instruction exactly as given by supervisor. Once they got inside the play room the game could begin! Kids were running around the place try to avoid being tagged and try to tag as many players from other team as possible.

Laser game took a lot of energy away, but days wasn’t over just yet. A nice dinner and then time for Bowling! It was as competitive as always and all the children had a great time!