31st March – Arrival + Departure Day, mini excursion, skiing

Time flies as we head into April, and what a last day of March it was today, lots of students leaving, but even more arriving as we head into probably one of the most busiest weeks in the season so far!

Our students that are staying for another week had the choice of skiing or venturing out of the Verbier bubble to Martigny to partake in some shopping and a bit of bowling, which they highly enjoyed. Our keen skiers, decided they didn’t want a day off to relax but wanted to hit the slopes to improve their techniques.

Our new arrivals, had lots of fun doing ski fit and clothes fit, to ensure they had the right equipment for their stay, but also loads of fun enjoying the fresh snow. Some of our students, as like most weeks have never seen snow before, so was a delight for them, especially as it was acutally snowing when the arrived!!

The evening was very relaxing and time for all the students to get an early night, as most have travelled far and wide to get to camp. Although very excited about the week ahead, was a quiet camp by the early hours of the evening as most campers crept off to bed ready for the fun packed week ahead on camp.


Saturday 26th March – Skiing, baking, town & ice skating

It has been a wonderful first day for our new arrivals as they settle into camp. This morning they met their instructors for the first time and were introduced to the rest of their ski or snowboard  group. Everyone new to skiing went along to the beginner slope where they practiced putting skis on and off. Afterwards it was time to learn how to stop and do snow plow. The more experienced riders explored Verbier mountain and practiced improving their technique.

Everyone had a really fun day and returned to camp with smiley faces and lots of stories. This afternoon one school headed into Verbier town to have a look round while another group baked some delicious cookies! This evening we all went to the ice rink to do some skating and ice hockey before having a cup of hot chocolate back at Les Elfes.

Everyone is super excited to head back out tomorrow.



Crans – Montana. Sunday, 26th March.

We have all had an amazing first day skiing with all are new campers in Crans Montana. Everyone was woken up at 7.30 am to enjoy a filling breakfast and to get ready for the first day of skiing. All the new campers where split into 5 ski groups with 2 beginner groups. The beginner groups went to the magic carpet, where they learnt how to snow plow with some managing to parallel turn by the end of the day, whilst the other three intermediate ski groups explored the rest mountain and started to improve their individual ski technique ; even though the weather conditions where slightly foggy today all the ski groups managed amazingly well.

After skiing everyone came back for snacks and hot chocolate. This afternoons activity was Bin bag fashion show where all the campers split into 4 groups and made a costume based on the theme animal kingdom, we had a killer mouse, Tarzan, sausage dog and a narwhale. Following on from this we had a delicious dinner and then went bowling, which all the kids enjoyed with many of them getting strikes.  Everyone can not wait for Skiing tomorrow.   

Sunday 26th Febuary – Ski Fit, Skiing, Snowboarding, Crans Hunt, Bowling

CRANS MONTANA: Last night we welcomed MIC Merbella to Les Elfes Crans Montana, and what a first day it has been today! Ski fit took place first thing, followed by the groups heading for their first morning skiing and snowboarding 🏂 🎿 One group of beginners headed to the learner slope, whilst the others ventured up the mountain!

It was a beautiful bluebird day, and all the campers were raring to go! Back to Les Elfes for lunch out on the terrace, followed by some more skiing and also a chance to watch the final of the slalom World Cup.

This afternoon the campers ventured out to get to know the town and this evening a bit of fun with bowling 🎳


It has been a super sunday here in Verbier with our new groups absolutely smashing it on their skis. For many it was their first time and they all tried so hard to pick it up. There was lots of positive energy and all the instructors were very impressed.

This afternoon everyone had the option to visit the village or stay and relax on camp playing games. Many were very tired after the first day but everyone arrived back at camp with an extremely positive attitude. We all had a lovely time walking and having a look round. This evening it was ice skating night at the rink. Everyone enjoyed skating around and having races with each other! After some hot chocolate it was time for bed to get some much needed rest ready for another big day tomorrow.

14th February – Skiing, Snowboarding, Snow Tubing, Torchlight Walk, Bowling, Town & Swimming

CRANS MONTANA: Day 3 on the slopes with our school from Dubai, and yet another beautiful bluebird day here in Crans Montana! Some of the groups ventured up to the glacier today and enjoyed the views, and others ventured to the baby snowpark to have some fun on the jumps.

After skiing, the campers went snow tubing, which was as always enjoyed by all the campers whizzing and swirling down the slope! This evening was a venture out to the bowling alley, the best score of the night being 142! 🎳


VERBIER: The sun was out yet again today with beautiful blue skies and hot temperatures. Our beginners who have been Learning down the mountain went up for the first time today and they did amazing!! They were so happy with their achievements and it’s great to see so many children with massive smiles on their faces. Our more Advanced groups had the chance to explore new areas of the mountain today, keeping them on their toes.

Back at camp, again there were plenty of activities going on. A lot of our children opted for swimming, a time to splash around with their friends and relax in the hot tub. Others had the chance to do some souviner shopping in town whilst the rest chilled out at camp.

Tonight a lot of our children went on a Torch Light walk, a great way to see Verbier by night, lite up by flaming torches. Back at camp we had the Qube and a Bin Bag Fashion show.


28th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Bowling, Arrivals & Departures

Today was a very busy day at Les Elfes with many of our campers departing us but that also meant we had many new campers joining us which is super exciting.

The campers who are staying with us for another week had the option to ski and snowboard or go bowling down in Martigny and have some lunch off campus for a change.
This afternoon we have had a new school arrive and after ski fitting the eager campers visited Verbier village to show them around and get any last minute necessities.

After dinner we had more arrivals who will be ski fitted tomorrow and joined in with all the other campers  for a movie and chill out night as most of the campers were very tired from travelling and a early night for the big day tomorrow