Monday 12th Feb- Skiing, Rock Climbing, Village, Baking and Cinema

A typical Monday involves a struggle to get out of bed, and a reluctant return to work or school. However, here at Les Elfes we have put an end to the so-called “Monday Blues”. A typical Monday at Les Elfes involves our campers jumping out of bed, rushing to get ready to hit the slopes and of course, always with a huge smile upon their face.

Today was indeed another typical Les Elfes Monday. It was a great day skiing on the mountain, with a fresh layer of snow and hence, perfect conditions to practice and improve technique. On their return from the slopes, our campers signed up for different activities. In the afternoon, some went ice skating, some to languages and the rest went shopping in town.

After a delicious dinner composed of Mexican Fajitas, our oldest campers left for a cinema night. The others either participated in baking cookies or rock climbing at the Sports Centre.

It was another great Monday at Les Elfes, and we hope the week will continue along these good vibes.

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11th Feb Skiing, afternoon activities and La Fureur

What a great day to start the new week at Les Elfes, with fresh snow falling gently from the sky. For many of our new arrivals that come from all over the world, this is a very special week for them, one they have been waiting for all year!

Since breakfast this morning, our campers were extremely eager to get going, and hence, were up and ready in no time. They left with a sense of wonder on their faces as the snow kept falling all around them. For those who come from more exotic countries, the Swiss Alps are a magical landscape.

They came back from the slopes later in the day, and enjoyed some snacks and warm hot chocolate, satisfied with their start to the week. In the meanwhile, they signed up from a range of optional activities, which they attended before dinner.

After dinner, our school groups all participated in our musical-themed game known as La Fureur. Instead, our individuals went to the sport center to play the les Elfes Olympic Games. Such a lot of fun !

1st Feb Skiing, Languages, Shopping and Disco

Waking up to a fresh layer of snow is always a pleasure for our campers. It provided the perfect conditions for the big ski race, and they are looking forward to find out the results at Prize Giving tomorrow. It was a great chance for them to test what they have been learning and practicing throughout the week.

When they came back from the slopes, our individuals went either to language classes or in town for some shopping. Our school groups chose between ice skating, games competition and our infamous egg drop challenge.

Tonight, we had a special dinner consisting of traditional Swiss fondue, one not to miss! In the evening, everyone went to the disco for some fun and dance.

It is nearly the end of the week already, and for those living us on Saturday, we wish them a great last day skiing tomorrow.

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Wednesday 31st Jan, excursion day

Another great day just ended at les Elfes international. Once again we had such an awesome weather here in Verbier. The kids were so happy to go to excursions today that is wasnt hard at all to make them get out of bed. After having a good beakfast with croissants and the belly full our little fellas were ready to get in the bus and head to their various excursions.

They had three posibilities today :

  • The Charlie Chaplin museum, with picnic and shopping in the afternoon
  • Visit of Bern and Einstein museum with some free time during the afternoon
  • Visit of the Chocolate and the Cheese factory and once again some free time to do shopping

They all came back around 6pm and we let them some time to rest a bit and have a shower before dinner.

After a good dinner we started the evening activities, the kids abolsutely loved it, especially the Fashion Show and the casino night!!

See you tomorrow everyone


30th Jan- Skiing, Ice skating, baking and Clubs Night

Skiing was great today, amazing weather and good snow, could not ask for better conditions! Having skiied for a few days already, everyone seems to be making good progress. Even some of the beginner groups are starting to get down blue and red slopes with greater confidence. Let’s hope our little campers keep up their efforts and keep improving their technique as the week goes on.

On their return from the mountain, they left for their afternoon activities. Some went to language class, some took part in a cookie baking challenge, some went ice skating and the remaining opted to rest and watch a movie.

Following a delicious dinner, consisting of Mexican fajitas, they chose their preferred activity for Clubs night. A group of them left for the Sports Centre, where they chose between Trampoline, Football and Hockey. The rest of them went on the torchlight walk around camp, enjoying the view of Verbier by night!

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29th Jan Skiing, Languages, Quiz, Music Video and the Cube

Today the kids woke up to another beautiful sunny day! They were up and ready in no time, and left the camp eager to get back on the slopes. They skied all morning, stopped for a quick lunch and then kept skiing in the afternoon.

When they came back from the mountain they enjoyed some well-deserved snacks and hot chocolate before getting ready for either languages or their chosen optional activity.

In the evening, our school groups took part all together in producing their very own music video! Our individuals groups instead played the Cube or participated in our Quiz night.

It was another lovely day at Les Elfes, and we hope the weather will stay this good the rest of week!

28 Jan – Skiing, languages, shopping, dine out and escape rooms

Today was a busy and exciting day!

We started the day with ski fitting for some of our new individuals and two school groups!!! The campers were really excited for their first day on the slopes!!! Most of them had never seen snow before today, hence, it was a memorable day for them!

After a wonderful day on the slopes, we ran optional activities for our campers! Besides those who attended language class, the rest chose between shopping, sledging and snow man building.

In the evening, our individuals went for a dine out in town whilst the school groups went to the sport center!

Finally, tired and quite a few of them jet lagged, they made their way to bed for a good night sleep, eager to find out what tomorrow will bring!

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Monday 22nd of January, arrival and excursion day.

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good day as much as we do !

Unfortunately the montain was closed today due to high avalanches risks so we had to modify our schedule a bit. Because of theses high risks on the slopes we had to use our back up solution : excursions !

Therefore some of our kids left to the Charlie Chaplin museum, some others went to the Nestlé museum and the others went to Bern. After their picnic they all kids had a bit of time to go shopping in the cities their were at. They all came back around 6pm and had a bit of extra free time to chill before dinner.

Our new arrivals got there around midday, just on time for delicious lasagnas for lunch. Right after that they all went to the sport center to play games such as dodge ball, hockey, basketball and finally practice on their trampoline skills. The next step of the day was to handle the organisation of the ski gears, followed by one of our favourite games : La Fureur.

When all the groups were back from excursion we had a a nice dinner out in town!

See you tomorrow !!

21st Jan Ski, Snowboard, Sledging, Design and Build and Winter Olympics

Snow, snow and more snow! There have been a lot of stories in the news about Alpine Ski Resorts getting dumped with heavy snowfall, but its another thing to wake up in the morning and witness this beautiful landscape!

The kids left this morning with a sense of wonder glooming across their face, as they witnessed beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky. Even if the higher parts of the resorts were closed, it was an awesome day skiing as they enjoyed fresh powder conditions and few people on the slopes.

When they came back from the slopes, our campers were delighted to sip some warm hot chocolate and snacks. Our school group then went back outside for some sledging whilst the remaining individuals either attended language class or partcipated in other activities.

After dinner, the school group split up into teams to compete in Design and Build, whilst the Individuals group left for the Sports Centre.

Finally, tired but with a smile across their face, our campers made their way to bed.