Wednesday 22.03.17- Skiing, Snowboarding, Baking,Town,La Fureur, Fashion Show, Chalet night

Today we welcomed lots of new campers and sadly said goodbye to some others. The new campers went straight up the mountain and had a great first day. Everyone came back and signed up for many different activities. Lots of campers chose to go to town to the Milk bar for milkshakes and crepes and also do a bit of shopping. Many other campers chose to do some baking and they made some very yummy brownies which they ate for pudding.

After dinner half the campers did a music game show called La fureur which they all eally enjoyed and got very involved with. The individuals had a chalet night where they got the chance to make their own dinner and play some chilled games. The older ones chilled in the games room and played pool and table tennis and also watched a movie to chill out. The younger campers had a bin bag fashion show where they designed their own costumes and performed them down a catwalk.

Very busy day here on camp and everyone looking forward to tomorrow.

11th January – Skiing, Snowboarding, Excursion & Chalet Night

Today has been jam packed with activities, excursions, skiing and snowboarding.

Our school’s and a few individuals put on their warm winter clothes and headed out to different parts of the mountain to explore new areas and work on their techniques. Amazingly, nearly all our beginner groups today joined the rest of the groups at the top at for some of them it was their first time ever up a mountain. The beautiful sunshine helped keep motivations high and they did so well, all the instructors are very proud of what they have achieved in only a few days. Our new snowboarders are now able to link their turns and are falling less and less everyday!

Our individuals today had the opportunity to go on excursion and were able to discover new areas of Switzerland. They had a great time at the new Nestle Factory which was very interactive and modern. Then they managed to fit in a bit of shopping in Vevey which they were extremely pleased about and also had the chance to visit the United Nations in Geneva, the second largest in the world and a very interesting, important building.

Tonight there has been a lot going on, including a torch light walk up the mountain, a very competitive and exciting Music Quiz/Game show as well as a mexican styled ‘Fajita’ night in the chalets for our individuals to chill out and bond over board games.